Traumatized dogs and cats of Ukraine war lined up for food in war torn Kramatorsk

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In conservative estimates, more than 100,000 dogs and twice the number of cats, have been left homeless since the unprovoked attack from Russia on Ukraine. Some of the pets were able to be with their owners as they hid in basements, bomb shelters, underground bunkers and subway stations. Other people held their pets or led them on leashes as they left the country. Many of the receiving countries waived documentation and welcomed the pets along with their owners.

Tragically, many of the dogs and cats have been forced to fend for themselves. Animal charity organizations have stepped up to help, and in a viral photo from Kramatorsk, a war-torn city, dogs have been shown patiently lined up as they seemingly waited for food.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Yesterday we installed a displaced pet feeding station in Kramatorsk (with your support!). This morning, the Ukrainian dogs waited in line to eat.

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Nate Mook, an executive producer whose stories and actions have made huge impacts towards the welfare of humans and animals alike, has been actively working to help the starving pets. Two weeks ago, he helped to deliver 500 pounds of donated pet food to a sanctuary where pets wandering the streets now have shelter. The feeding stations have become increasingly popular with the dogs and cats, and although there has been some speculation, the photo was staged to show the dogs waiting in line, it is encouraging indeed to see volunteers and animal lovers out there feeding the most vulnerable victims of war.

Besides donations needed for food, there continues to be a high demand for veterinarians as well as helping pets to evacuate the frontlines.

Stopped into Lviv (to meet with the biggest pet food company here that’s going to help us in eastern Ukraine!) and reunited with my hairless friend at the cat cafe! Every time I visit, it’s filled with kids. Pets can help with the trauma so many children are experiencing now.

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