City announces controversial euthanasia of family’s German shepherd

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Elk Grove, CA – On Friday, the city of Elk Grove announced the euthanasia of a German shepherd named Zeus, a dog who was impounded for bite incidents. According to the city’s news release, the decision to put Zeus down was made despite offers to rehabilitate him:

The City takes its duty to preserve public safety and protect the community very seriously. While some members of the public asked the City to consider alternatives to euthanasia, the dog’s established bite history and dangerous propensities presented too great of a risk to public safety for this community, or any other community to which the animal may have been relocated.


Continued housing of the dangerous animal was not in the public or the animal’s interest. The humane euthanasia of the dangerous animal was necessary and appropriate in this instance.

Zeus was designated a dangerous animal after biting someone in May 2022. The city claims that Zeus’ owners failed to satisfy the requirements necessary for the ownership of a dangerous dog; the owners were fighting the city with the help of a lawyer.

After the city announced Zeus’ death, numerous people commented on the case. Some people believe that the city’s decision was necessary, while others lashed out, stating that Zeus should have been taken in by a reputable rescue group that could rehabilitate him properly.

Most people are in agreement that in the end, Zeus was failed by everyone. Read more about the family’s fight to save their dog at this link.

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  1. Beyond disgusting. This city was determined to euthanize this dog.

    Why not send Zeus to behavior specialists who have worked with dogs like him??? Nothing ventured nothing gained……..

    IMHO the city did not act in good faith from the beginning. Deadlines were changed, outright lies….. really terrible…… I hope the family can get help with getting justice for Zeus.


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