Storm slated to be euthanized today in NYC for protecting his owner

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At the New York Animal Care Center in Staten Island, Storm is scheduled to be euthanized today for protecting his owner. We have to ask the question why he has been nothing but loving and happy since at the shelter, but reported to have had a history of biting the owner’s husband?

How sad that Storm has shown love, kisses, hugs and happiness with everyone at the shelter, yet he will die in just a few hours. He is excited to have attention, he jumps on their laps when the staffers arrive and howls with joy. He meets every dog he sees along the way with a happy tail. He just needs one person to give him a chance.

Let’s begin with his video:

His advocate tells his story:

It’s impossible to tell you just how sweet, shy, in need of comfort and in need of a friend STORM SHADOW is until you watch him in action. He is so gentle, shy, needy of love. And when you are shy, gentle hearted, timid and in need of comfort, you latch on to the one person who does comfort you and makes you feel special and loved. For Storm, that was his mom, he adored her and wanted to be near her all the time. He even slept in his parents bed! 

There is always one person in the family the dog really gravitates toward, and they literally are like Velcro in the way they stick near them and protect them. But now he is at the shelter for loving her so much. How sad is that? We are betting (though we don’t have the full story) that his dad would get frisky or loud or animated with Storm’s mom and in Storm’s eyes she needed Storm to help her, and naturally he rushed to her aid. He can’t tell the difference between playful roughhousing or anger, and he is afraid of that behavior anyway. It’s not his fault. His owner notes are simply GLOWING!

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Additional information:

What my friends at ACC say about me:

I have lived with dogs. I interacted with children in my previous home. I can be slow to adjust to new environments. I prefer to take things at my own pace. I would appreciate slow introductions to new people and places to help me feel safe. I would do best in a home with only adult humans. I would prefer someone who can be home with me most of the time.

INTAKE DATE: 13-Jan-2022
STORM SHADOW, ID# 134582, 3 yrs old, 75 lbs, Neutered Male
Staten Island ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Black / White
Owner Surrender Reason: behavior, bite incidents
Shelter Assessment Rating: NEW HOPE ONLY
No children (under 13)
Medical Behavior Rating: Blue

NTAKE NOTES – DATE OF INTAKE: 13-Jan-2022: Behavior during intake: Staff had owner’s niece place Storm Shadow into kennel. Storm pulls very hard. He appeared calm and relaxed. He did not display any concerning behavior.


Means of surrender (length of time in previous home): Owner surrender

Bite history:
Storm Shadow has multiple bite history. the previous owner stated that Storm Shadow became possessive of his wife and bit him multiple times when he tried to interact with her, one time leading to hospitalization.

This handsome boy is very well liked by staff and volunteers! He is a fun, happy boy! It makes you wonder why he felt the need to protect his former female owner. You never know the full story of these dogs. Only what the owner chooses to tell! Let’s get this boy out of the shelter

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Please share Shadow’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. He needs a special rescuer – please help him by sharing.

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Today is Shadow’s last day if he isn’t rescued.

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