Once abandoned in Walmart parking lot and then again at the shelter, Clarence never has to look back again

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Just before Christmas, Clarence was abandoned by his family at the Walmart parking lot and then again at the shelter when that same family refused to pick him up after he was listed for euthanasia. Clarence softly whimpered for his family the entire time he was at the shelter. No one ever came.

Fortunately, the four-year-old golden retriever mix was rescued just in time by Hounds in Pounds who described him as a social butterfly that loved meeting new humans, was crate-trained and just loved the simple life of walking, cuddling, treats and snoozing near the human he loved.

When one of the rescue volunteers penned a message to Clarence’s previous owner, social media took notice:

To the owners of Clarence who never came to pick him up at the shelter. We saw your posts on the community FB page about Clarence being at Walmart. We saw people begging you to go get your dog or sign him over. We saw you had zero interest in reclaiming him or doing right by him. Please, for the sake of humanity, do us all a favor and don’t ever get another pet. Try the toy aisle at Walmart, get yourself a pack of stuffed animals and leave them scattered all over Georgia as you please. Please do not ever get another pet, you are not fit to own a pet rock. Your damn dog was crying and begging for life at the shelter, terrified and lonely, and you did NOTHING. Dogs are not objects. Dogs are not disposable. What you did to this dog is unconscionable and you should be ashamed. He is with us now and we will make sure he never has a day of worry again. We will give him a life that most humans dream about. He has already forgotten about you, all you are now is a bad memory.

Hounds in Pounds Facebook

Just weeks ago, a pregnant shepherd had been roaming around that same Walmart parking lot in Georgia with two other dogs. The golden retriever was picked up by animal control. That was Clarence. The other two dogs ran away. No one else came looking for them. Tragically, on Tuesday morning, the shepherd was hit by a car head on; she was found lying in a ditch on the side of the road.

A Good Samaritan brought her to the closest veterinarian where she was scanned for a microchip, and her registered owner was contacted. Upon arrival at the veterinarian hospital, the dog’s owner confirmed she had recently been bred and was pregnant. The veterinarian advised the owner, that based on the severity of the dog’s injuries, it was doubtful the unborn puppies would have survived.

Her owner told the veterinarian to euthanize her since she would no longer be able to produce puppies.

Jovi was also saved by Hounds in Pounds. Read her background story here.

Jovi has since recovered. In just a few more weeks, she will be heading up north and will be ready to be adopted.

Clarence is now available for adoption, and he will never have to look back at vacant parking lots, animal shelters or irresponsible families who surely never deserved this boy.

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