Pregnant shepherd roamed Walmart parking lot for weeks and when her owner was called after dog hit by car ordered her to be euth’ed

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A pregnant shepherd had been roaming around a Walmart parking lot in Georgia for three weeks with two other dogs. The golden retriever was picked up by animal control. The other two dogs ran away. No one else came looking for them. Tragically, on Tuesday morning, the shepherd was hit by a car head on; she was found lying in a ditch on the side of the road.

A Good Samaritan brought her to the closest veterinarian where she was scanned for a microchip, and her registered owner was contacted. Upon arrival at the veterinarian hospital, the dog’s owner confirmed she had recently been bred and was pregnant. The veterinarian advised the owner, that based on the severity of the dog’s injuries, it was doubtful the unborn puppies would have survived.

The owner then instructed the veterinarian to euthanize their dog because she was only purchased to breed, and if she was to be unable to produce puppies, she was of no use to them.

Don’t ask us why we are surprised; this happens almost weekly but for some reason here we are again in total and complete shock.

Hounds in Pounds Inc.

Hounds in Pounds, Inc. stepped up earlier this afternoon to help the dog named Jovi. She remains in critical condition and has severe head trauma. In addition, she has a bladder full of blood, pulmonary contusions, elevated white blood cell count and lung bruising. The most serious issue, however are her organ values which are very elevated because of the impact of the accident.

Jovi is scheduled to be transferred to an emergency veterinarian hospital specializing in severe trauma in order to address the damage to her skull and her body. Her prognosis is unknown; she has no idea what is happening to her, and the only family she has known has deserted her.

In the spirit of the holidays, we must try to help Jovi. Time is of the essence. We can really use your support for Jovi’s extensive emergency care.

Hounds in Pounds Inc.

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