Young Siberian husky kept in a rabbit cage by owner has been freed and released to rescue organization

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In Thermal, California, the disturbing sight of a young Siberian husky being kept in a rabbit cage all day and all night with no water and filled with the dog’s own urine and feces enraged animal lovers everywhere.

The Coachella Valley Police Department reportedly responded to numerous complaints and had contacted the owner and telling him to clean the cage.

An investigation was subsequently opened for an Animal Control Officer from Riverside County Department of Animal Services, but too often investigations take a lot of time, and animal advocates were not willing to sit back and wait. Instead, they launched a social media campaign to find help for the imprisoned dog.

In the Facebook group Lost and Found Pets In the Coachella Valley, a plea went out:

Need help saving this doggie!!! They have him locked up in a small cage with no food and it’s full of his poop


Luna Siberian Rescue volunteers responded to the plea for help and drove to Thermal on Monday. They were able to speak to the neighbor and owner of the dog, and he agreed to sell the dog named “Mia” for $400. Please note the rescue organization rarely pays anyone for their dogs, “but our hearts were broken and we decide we would do everything possible to take her home today.”

Mia is under two-years-old, is a bit shy but very sweet and is now at the rescue decompressing. The rescue hopes to remind everyone, that although there has been anger expressed towards the owner and Animal Control, the emphasis must remain on this dog who is now free and will never be abused or mistreated again.

This is about a precious dog who is now safe and let’s let this moment be about how blessed she is to have so many people who care about her! That being said we could really use donations for her care. She needs everything! She came with nothing and we are starting out in the negative.

Luna Siberian Rescue Facebook

If you would like to donate you can do so via PayPal at –

OR VENMO – @Luna-Siberian

(Photo credits – Luna Siberian Rescue )

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are laws in place if they are not implemented? The owner wasn’t slapped with any fines or penalties and is still out there and able to victimize further in the future? He even profited from this dog that he clearly neglected and abused and Animal Control nor the Police Department did nothing about.

    The actions of the community were completely valid and I am grate that Mia is safe and is with a very reputable rescue, they shouldn’t have had to go this far to save a life and maybe to their own life’s expense as it doesn’t sound like this is a very healthy neighborhood that one should be treading through.

    I hope for a follow-up story on this with more background information if there is any. And a press release from the police department and Animal Control themselves.


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