Mom dog and her puppies dumped over Lexington bridge rescued by Good Samaritan

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In Lexington, Kentucky, a Good Samaritan has been credited with rescuing a mother dog and her three puppies after an unknown and heartless person tossed them into a creek.

According to the Paws 4 the Cause, a non profit rescue organization located in Lexington, the Good Samaritan had been on her way home when she spotted a person tossing the dog and her puppies off a bridge. The frightened puppies immediately began to cry as they tried to save themselves and paddle to dry land. The kind person scooped up the puppies and later returned to help find the mom who was just too scared to approach any human.

Rescue is never for the faint of heart. A good Samaritan was driving home after a long day at work, and saw someone dump a dog and her three puppies at Crossing bridge in Cliffy Science Hills area. The puppies had fallen into the creek and were in a panic crying, while they tried to find dry land. The good Samaritan quickly scooped them up and taken home to dry off and went back to find momma. But momma was too scare to come to anyone.

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The following day rescuers had joined together to find the mother and were able to safely rescue her.

As to the condition of the puppies, one is being treated for a bad skin infection while the others have since enjoyed flea baths, dewormers and their first vaccinations. The mother is also getting treated for fleas, worms and is being given antibiotics for an infection.

We have seen many cases like this in the Somerset area, of people dumping dogs and puppies to fend for themselves. There is no need to do this since there are so many rescues working tirelessly to help save the overwhelming numbers of animals needing rescue this year.

Facebook Paws 4 the Cause

Sadly, this year has been the worst for pet abandonment. It is crucial to find more foster homes and/or adoptions. Please make sure your pets are spayed and neutered. What a difference that would make in the overpopulation of our companion friends. It’s just not fair. You can make a difference.

To help, Paws 4 the Cause is accepting donations to assist with the care of the rescue dog mom and her puppies. If you are an approved foster, please contact Anita at 859.962.8256.

(Photos via Paws 4 the Cause Facebook)

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