Stray dog attacked by leopard made the bravest effort to survive his grievous injuries

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In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, a local stray dog adored by the villagers had been attacked by a leopard. Although no one saw the attack, it is likely the dog fought back with every last bit of energy he could muster. When found, he had been in shock for hours after the attack to his throat and chest.

Residents in the neighborhood placed the dog Beesi, in a cage and rushed him to Animal Aid Unlimited for life saving treatment, although saving his life seemed a daunting task as his prognosis looked very poor. An examination of the dog’s neck showed a very deep wound, but somehow his throat was still intact, however there was not enough skin to close up the wound. His neck was cleaned, irrigated and bandaged.

The dog was administered an intravenous drip and pain medication; all that could be done had been done and Beesi rested. For days he refused to eat nor did he want to be touched, but time can heal some wounds, and by the tenth day at the hospital, Beesi started to relax; his healing continued.

No one every thought Beesi would have survived these frightening injuries, but one little brave dog proved he could do it!

Check out his video. It will make your heart smile:

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