Cleo’s family surrendered her in July, now she is scheduled to be killed on Tuesday

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Update 9/7/2021: Rescued!

On July 7, a senior cat named Cleo was given up by her family. The nearly 11-year-old cat was handed over to Brooklyn Animal Care Center because her owners said that she was having problems with animals in the house.

Now, Cleo is so stressed at the animal care center that she is “over-grooming” herself, and causing herself harm. An explanation of the troubling behavior is provided:

Although she is friendly and affectionate towards people in the shelter, she is displaying signs of stress in the care center and has been over-grooming herself to the point of mutilation. The bottom half of her belly and legs are missing fur and she’s started to bite herself.

Cleo is “easily distracted” from the obsessive behavior – what she wants is affection. Cleo is on the list of animals to be put down because of her behavior – the All About Saving Animals Facebook page shared the limited amount of time that this senior cat has been allotted, writing:


A video reveals Cleo’s distress.

Please share Cleo’s adoption information, before it’s too late.

ID#82390, spayed female cat

Shelter information

Brooklyn Animal Care Center
2336 Linden Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11208

(212) 788-4000

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