Pup slated to die at NYC shelter today after owner left him tied to a gate on parkway

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Sad Update: Cruz was euthanized this afternoon at the shelter. Rest in peace poor boy.

Life as King Presto (Cruz) knew, suddenly came to a halt on January 25, 2021 after his family deliberately left him tied to a gate on the Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Sadly, Cruz is scheduled to be humanely euthanized on Sunday afternoon; this dog needs immediate help finding a safe place.

A $500 stipend will be offered to the New Hope partner that pulls Cruz (aka King Presto). Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

A shelter volunteer writes:

“He trusted this person, he wagged his tail furiously, he danced from toe to toe in his excitement. But today his parent dragged him along and didn’t let him smell the various trees, or benches or even pull towards a squirrel. Today it seemed his parent was on a mission. When they got to the busy parkway, CRUZ looked up at his parent quizzically, with a furrowed brow, and a tail that wagged a little slower because he was frightened of the noises here on this busy street. His parent leaned down, kissed him on the head, tied him to a gate, and walked away.”

And then this terribly scared dog was brought to the shelter where he was expected to be patient while he was given behavior tests, physical examinations and repeated urging into a shelter cage against his will. Sadly, King Presto hasn’t shown his best side at his behavior assessments, however a dog’s behavior is based on stimuli in the moment.

“Now at the shelter, he is understandably shy and timid, but trying to be social at the same time. He has been through a terrible ordeal; one that requires time to overcome. He needs a quiet, loving home where good, patient people will allow him time to decompress, find his rudder, and warm to his new home and family at his own pace. If you are an experienced foster or adopter in a home with no young children, and can help this loving boy…”


KING PRESTO fka CRUZ, ID# 111030, 2 yrs old, 59 lbs, Male
Brooklyn ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Tan / White
Surrender Reason: Stray, found tied to gate, Eastern Parkway Brooklyn
Shelter Assessment Rating: New Hope Only
No children (under 13)


Leash Walking
Strength and pulling: Moderate: Cruz pulls on and off
Reactivity to humans: None – ignores
Reactivity to dogs: None – ignores
Leash walking comments:

Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Moderately social: Checks in with handler, Takes treats.
Call over: Approaches with coaxing
Sociability comments:

Soft handling: While positioning, Cruz tense up and low growled at the handler.
Exuberant handling: Unable to conduct

Handling comments: There was no further handling after Cruz’s first warning.

Summary: Cruz was surrendered as a stray so his past behavior with other dogs is unknown.

1/28: Cruz enters the play yard distracted by smells. Handlers walk him over to the gate and he greets a novel female dog with a heightened posture and whines. Cruz quickly becomes distracted and begins wandering the pens

Place with a New Hope partner:

Cruz has not acclimated well to the kennel environment and has allowed only minimal handling since intake. Shelter recommends placement with a New Hope partner who can provide any necessary behavior modification (force-free, positive reinforcement-based) and re-evaluate behavior in a stable home environment before placement into a permanent home.

 Dog Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs or email at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com for assistance.
The general rule is to FOSTER; you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with and to ADOPT you will have to be in the general NE US area: NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA).
The NYC ACC has a new page where you can see the dogs which need most urgent help:
Time is the essence for these dogs.  PLEASE NOTE: You cannot online reserve a dog with the rating New Hope Partners Only. Please PM our page Dog Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs for assistance, you can also email us for assistance at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com.

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