Chicago shelter at capacity and Drax is at high risk: Share, share, share and help him find a home

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At Chicago Animal Care and Control, the shelter is full, and the unspoken consequences for those dogs and cats who have been there for an extended length of time, grows dangerously close.

An animal advocate for Drax describes him as a thoroughbred racehorse; he has long legs and he likes to run. Sadly, he has been cooped up in a kennel 24/7, and Drax is not happy. He recently went on a Doggy Day Out and showed how relieved he was and relaxed – just being out of the shelter venue.

“He was great in the car, walked well on leash, went for a dip in the lake and was very, very affectionate. He is friendly towards everyone he meets and curious about the outside world. Drax is a young boy, probably around a year or two and needs someone to work with him on training. He recently was chosen to work on agility with a trainer at CACC and did phenomenal. He’s such a smart and loving boy (this is why the shelter is extra stressful for him), and if you’re looking for a hiking or running partner, he’s your guy! Drax doesn’t seem to know how to act around other dogs so we recommend him to be the only pet for now.”

Katrina Marie at Chicago Animal Care and Control


Drax has been waiting for his new family since 4/30 and it’s taking a toll on him. He’s way past due for his second chance. To make that come a little sooner, his adoption fee has been waived!

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