Badly injured stray pup rescued by Good Samaritan and given emergency care

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In the Reseda area of California, a Good Samaritan rescued a badly injured dog on Monday who had been roaming the streets. The poor pup had been bludgeoned on the head with a blunt object, and had it not been for the Good Samaritan, who was an EMT and administered emergency first aid work to help the dog through the night, the dog might not have survived.

“This Pit Bull was found wondering the streets of Reseda bludgeoned on the head with a blunt object like a bat or pipe. If it wasn’t for a Good Samaritan who took him in and luckily was an EMT so did some at home stitch work to get him through the night. But will need to go to the vet. Please let us know if you have any information on who did this and would like to help with the funds of the dog we will need donations immediately for vet and transport…”

Facebook Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

The dog was cleaned up and bandaged and then referred to animal control. Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue has stepped up to help, and have since tracked the dog to the shelter, however the dog has a microchip and therefore by law must be held for ten days to see if the owners claim him and want to take him home.

“We are now waiting for the microchip hold to expire and also of course doing everything in our power to get them to make an exception to waive this hold because of the extreme medical needs of this particular case. They as of this morning have not agreed to waive the hold. So we are working on getting this guy out ASAP!…”

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

Although everyone might not agree as to why Ace has not been released from the shelter, everything is being done to ensure this dog gets the best of care and is released from the shelter as soon as possible.

Updates to follow.

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