No one wants to adopt 3-year-old ‘Spike’ so shelter will euth’ him

At the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, Spike is one of the dogs people see when they are walking down the aisles of the shelter, but they don’t stop – they just walk by. In just a few days, Spike will be humanely euthanized if he isn’t rescued.

Three-year-old Spike is a gentle pup; it’s just that he has an ugly skin condition on one side of his face and a large patch of missing fur on his back. Sadly, he also suffers from peri-anal fistulas which will need long term management as well as ear infections, which are now being treated by the shelter veterinarians. According to his shelter notes, his family was not able to afford Spike’s medical care and surrendered him to the shelter.

This could very well be Spike’s final video, An animal advocate spoke out.

“I watched his video this morning. And then I cried. And cried some more. His video — what will be his last video — had no activity on it. No comments, no reactions, nothing.”

PetHarbor adoption listing:

My name is Spike and I’m a Brown and Black, Neutered Male.
I’m about 3 years old.
I weigh 61 pounds.
I arrived at the shelter as an Owner Surrender due to medical costs on 6/1/2020.
I am available for Adoption or New Hope rescue!

Medical Alert:
Both ears infected. Right ear has a draining tract and ear canal may be very narrowed- potentially may need TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation). Perianal fistulas- chronic skin conditions, expected to need to be on immunosuppressive drugs long term.

Owner Surrender Notes:
Around strangers, this dog is: Friendly/Outgoing
Around children, this dog is: Relaxed/Playful, Respectful
How does this dog play with adults and children? Gentle
This dog has NOT lived with other dogs or cats.
How does this dog play with other dogs? Gentle
How would you describe this dog? Friendly. Affectionate, Playful
What is this dog’s activity level? Low/Medium
Is this dog house-trained? No
Has this dog been crate-trained? Has never been crated
What commands does this dog know? Sit, Come, Stay
On the leash, this dog: Pulls lightly
No behavior issues noted by the owner.

Staff Behavior Notes:
“Approached this dog’s kennel and he immediately came to the front, appeared interested in coming out of the kennel but was weary of the slip lead. Walked him to the play yard, pulled lightly, very manageable. In the yard, he appeared to be anxious by pacing, whining, and teeth chatter. After a few minutes, he slowly began to relax and began to show interest in sniffing/licking treats but would not eat them. He allowed me to pet him under his chin and along his back. This dog did not show much interest in interacting with me but did appear distracted by the environment the entire time.”

Share Spike’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Spike’s last day is on Tuesday  4:00 pm 6/9/2020. Please contact or you may contact a supervisor at 213-485-0214. Sharing saves lives.

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