No one wants to adopt 3-year-old ‘Spike’ so shelter will euth’ him

At the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, Spike is one of the dogs people see when they are walking down the aisles of the shelter, but they don’t stop – they just walk by. In … Read More

Abandoned pup hid in the railroad tracks as train passed over him

A very clever Jack Russel terrier had been abandoned at the railroad tracks and dutifully waited for his owner to return. The five-year-old pup, now named Coco by the staff at the West Los Angeles … Read More

Dog waited a year to be adopted returned in one week for barking

Once again Hercules waits at the front door of his kennel hoping someone will take him home. After spending one year at the South Los Angeles Shelter, it was heartbreaking to greet Hercules being returned.… Read More

Dumped sad senior spent her playtime staring out to parking lot

Ginger seems to be another senior desperately in search of her human family. Adopted from the South Los Angeles Shelter when she was a puppy, now 11-years-old and her owner, even though contacted, never showed … Read More

Chihuahua with deformed front legs found crawling down LA street

Who could imagine spotting a Chihuahua with deformed legs crawling down a south Los Angeles street?

“I would definitely break down crying and at the same time wanna lose it because you know D*** well

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Little Darla can’t use her front legs but she still wags her tail

How did little Darla wander out onto the streets of South Los Angeles? The one-year-old stray, helpless poodle is unable to use her front legs, but she still wags her tail. For now she waits … Read More