Update on three dogs rescued as skeletal ‘Sunshine’ fought to live

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Just one week ago in Paris, Texas, a skeletal dog, named Sunshine left tied to a tree, discovered by a Good Samaritan and rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC   passed away. Stacey Silverstein, the rescue group’s co-founder, shared the devastating news on Facebook and thanked everyone for the generous support.

“She was surrounded by our volunteers and medical staff when she passed away; at least she felt the warmth of human touch and an outpouring of love from everyone who witnessed her last breath and all of you, our amazing supporters who in your prayers fought for Sunshine’s survival every minute.”

Sunshine had the best medical care possible, and even though she didn’t survive, it was not for lack of trying.

Three other dogs were seized from the same property and have been rescued from the shelter by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

The Paris Police Department have opened an investigation into the cruelty situation. No details have been made public, however there have been many calls regarding the case. A statement has been issued by the police department with requests for prosecution.

“Please understand that The Paris Police Department considers any animal cruelty case seriously and will complete the investigation and present the case to the Lamar County Attorney’s Office for prosecution. Thank you for your concerns and please be assured we will handle this case as judiciously and in as timely a manner as is possible.”

As for the three dogs rescued, they had been running loose of the property and had never been tied up as Sunshine. At least they were able to run around and find food and water – unlike Sunshine who wasted away from egregious neglect. The surviving dogs had been picked up by Animal Control on the second visit to the property after Sunshine was initially brought into the shelter. After their stray hold was up, the three were released to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

From there, the flea and tick infested dogs were transported to the organization’s veterinarian partner for treatment until placed in foster homes.

“We have named them :
Midnight ( top right ) is a male , black lab and 5 months old
Star ( middle ) is a female hound mix and 8 months old
Starry ( female ) is a 3 month old hound mix

All 3 are very sweet and loving and they are doing well.”

Read former article about Sunshine here.

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