9-year-old girl died after neighbor’s dogs broke out of fence

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A 9-year-old girl died as she was riding her bicycle near her family’s Detroit home on Monday, after three dogs escaped from the flimsy fence used to hold them back.

According to the Detroit News, Emma Valentina Hernandez was mauled to death as she was riding her bike near the 6000 block of Central when the three dogs knocked her over and attacked. A neighbor threw a brick at one of the dogs, and they all ran away, but the child had been badly bitten and was bleeding profusely. Another person shot and killed one of the dogs; the other two have since been captured and seized by animal control.

Many of the neighbors tried to save the little girl; her father Armando Hernandez tried CPR, but the child died later at the hospital. The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office stated Emma died of multiple injuries, and her death has been ruled an accident.

By Monday evening, the owner of the dogs, a 33-year-old man, was arrested and two dogs were seized after officers obtained a court order. No charges have been filed at this time. Neighbors had been complaining about the dogs running loose. Hernandez said the dogs lived at a house behind him, and he recently had an argument with the dogs’ owner about the inadequate fencing. Another neighbor said the dogs had been left alone too much and were not being fed.

The dogs will most likely be euthanized. Blame the owner for this tragedy; he could have reinforced the fence – saved a beautiful child and the lives of three dogs.

A GoFundMe has been established in the memory of Emma.

Rest in peace Emma.

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  1. The Peters Puppy Pack sends hugs and condolences to Emma’s family. We are horrified and deeply shocked for her death.
    Please hire a great attorney and sue the dogs’ owner AND the landlord (if the dogs’ owner was a renter)…… whilst money will never bring back a beloved family member, it WILL pay for bereavement counseling……. I know that I would need it if I lost my precious daughter…….. we are sorry beyond words to express for your loss……

  2. So sorry for this family to lose their daughter like this is truly heartbreaking. The owner of the dogs needs to be held accountable. I am sure he had some inkling as to how vicious his dogs were and should have taken steps to properly contain them so they wouldn’t hurt someone.


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