Update on surrendered Bella who was too afraid to move

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In Branford, Connecticut Bella was surrendered late last week by her owner to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. Too often the excuses for dumping dogs at animal shelters are the same; too much work, can’t pay for the training or don’t have the time to give the dog what he needs.

Meet Bella.

This is what happened when a dog has been surrendered to a shelter too many times.

Meet Bella.

This was her shaking, refusing to make eye contact, refusing to eat and too scared to move from one spot.

Meet Bella.

This is when she had completely given up, and this was just three days after her owner left her and walked away.

After Bella’s heartbreaking story went viral on social media, we wanted to update everyone on her progress as well as thank everyone from the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter for helping her to decompress. Initially it took Bella three hours to stop panting and shaking.

Bella playing

BELLA UPDATE!! Thank you to everyone who has called or written in to check on Bella! We have spent quite a bit of time helping Bella to decompress with us up front and you can see from the below video that she is much more comfortable out of the kennel. This took 3 hours to get to. She panted and kept shaking up front for 3 hours. We will continue to work with Bella throuighout the week to see how she is with dogs and cats as well. What we can tell you is that Bella will need a quiet home with consistent people who are dedicated to her. We learned very quickly yesterday with Bella up front ( after someone came in yelling at the shelter) , that she is very uncomfortable with yelling and screaming. She began to shake and we could not get her out of it for nearly 45 minutes. We will update with more information at the end of the week. Bella is a spayed female pit mix. She is 4 years old, vaccinated, heartworm tested, micro chipped and has had a wellness check up.

Posted by Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter on Monday, October 28, 2019

As volunteers were working with Bella, someone entered the shelter yelling. Bella immediately began to shake and it took 45 minutes to calm her down.

And now for Bella’s latest update. On Tuesday, this sweet dog has made huge progress. Here are some things the staff have learned about her:

  • She has no food or toy aggression
  • She doesn’t mind her paws, ears or other parts of her body touched
  • She loves to play with squeaky toys
  • She thrives off of positive reinforcement
  • Once she trusts you she is very playful

Bella Trusting us and Happy go Lucky!

BELLA UPDATE!!!!After spending lots of time with Bella over the past few days , we wanted to show you the progress we made. Look at this happy go lucky girl!! Here are some things we have learned about Bella…she does not have food or toy aggression, she doesn't mind her paws, ears or other parts of her body touched. She loves to play with squeaky toys and thrives off of positive reinforcment. Once she trusts you she is very playful. As the week progresses we will test Bella with cats and dogs. Bella does not like screaming, loud noises, banging things, so we think she would do best in a quiet, calm environment. Bella is 4 years old, she weighs about 35 pounds, she is a pittie mix, spayed, vaccinated, micro chipped etc. We will continue to update throughout the week on Bella's progress!

Posted by Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bella is a spayed female pit bull mix. She is four-years old, vaccinated, heartworm tested and microchipped. She weighs 35 pounds and would do best in a quiet, calm environment. She has not been tested with other dogs and cats at this time.

For more information about Bella, please contact the following:

749 E Main St (104.37 mi)
Branford, Connecticut 06405
(203) 315-4125
Please contact the shelter directly. Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact.

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