Update: Ailing senior bulldog labeled ‘code red’ on the mend

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Just days ago, an ailing senior dog was labeled “code red” after her stray holding period from Riverside County Animal Control came and went; her owner never stepped forward. Sadly, Esme was hurt and ill; her medical notes indicated she suffered from arthritis, had difficulty walking and showed blood in her urine.

Networking proved, however to be Esme’s lifesaver. As her photos and her plight became popular on social media, Kelly Reeves, founder of Pawprints in the Sand Rescue saved her life.

“Look who’s freeee!!! Miss Esme from Riverside. Now named Macy. They told us she’d been hit by a car.  She’s on her way to our vet right now. She’s also super fearful,” Kelly posted on the organization’s Facebook page on October 26 as the dog headed to the rescue’s partner veterinarian.

Her physical examination showed she suffered from a severe bladder infection which she likely has had for a long time. She does appear to have been spayed. Macy also suffers from the worst arthritis her treating veterinarian has seen.

“Looking at Macy’s x-rays made her [the vet] back hurt, it’s so bad,” Kelly wrote. “We are starting her on an anti-inflammatory and pain med and adding in some glucosamine. Once she’s settled and things start clearing up, we’ll likely do laser treatments.

I got some metronidazole for the diarrhea. As soon as the urine culture is back, we’ll start attacking the bladder infection.”

Although Macy is still rather lethargic, she has been eating and drinking – all positive signs of recovery.

On Tuesday morning, Macy started showing signs of kennel cough, and back to the veterinarian she will be heading.

“I added bone broth to her water,” Kelly added. “Still getting tail wags and puppy kisses too.”

Donations are needed to help.  Options are there to use Paypal, credit cards and Venmo.


If anyone wants to mail in a check, the address is:

Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue

220 Newport Center Drive #11-525

Newport Beach, CA 92660

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