Survivor of Vick’s Bad Newz Kennel Vicktory Dog Mel has passed away

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Vicktory Dog Mel passed away on Wednesday. The elderly Staffordshire terrier lived to 14-years-old, and his family from Best Friends Animal Society had the fortune to have known and loved him for the last 11 years.

“Mel passed away yesterday evening after a brief and sudden illness. He was in ICU for 48 hours, believed to be suffering from a stroke or possibly a brain tumor. He was admitted Sunday after his neurological functions became suddenly impaired and despite having the best around the clock care available to him, he sadly never recovered,” the heartbreaking post on Facebook stated.

Mel had been a survivor – rescued from former NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s egregious dog fighting ring at Bad Newz Kennel. He was one of 22 “Vicktory dogs” sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuaary in Kanab, Utah. Adopted out to a loving family, Mel became just one of the many examples of a terribly abused dog that ultimately became a loving family pet.

“Time catches us all, and as Mel was one of the youngest of the Vicktory Dogs, we saw most of them pass before him. With each loss, I shared the thought that the grief each family felt over their dog’s death was directly proportionate to the love that their dog felt from them in life…”

In 2015, “The Champions” told the story about the Vicktory Dogs and chronicled their road to redemption. The media spotlight on these dogs has continued to bring social awareness to the plight of pitbulls. Where it had been more the norm in 2007 to euthanize dogs that had been used in illegal dog fighting, the Best Friends Animal Society lobbied against the execution of the dogs from Bad Newz Kennels in Virginia; the stories of the survivors have inspired hope for this misunderstood breed.

Who can forget Petey from “Little Rascals“?  The dog, a pit bull with the circle around his eye, played the role of Pete the pup in “The Little Rascals” (formerly, “Our Gang”). No one complained about the breed then – yet nowadays the breed are the most euthanized. Each year, 1.2 million dogs in shelters are euthanized; approximately 40% are pit bulls.

To remember Mel, why not pet a pit bull today? If you like the dog, why not adopt him?

“Even in 2019, no amount of social bickering can withstand a sudden and random image of someone’s beloved pup with a goofy smile on its’ face. So we’ve still got that going for us.”

Rest in peace Mel. You were loved.

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  1. Rest in peace sweet Mel, you have been a prime example of your breed and what a loving companion you can be. My condolences to your family, I know how much you will be missed.


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