Wounded Marine fights for the freedom of his service dog

 In the land of the free and the home of the brave, a Purple Heart receiving marine must fight for the freedom of his PTSD service dog. The battle has been ongoing in DuPage County, … Read More

Rescued dog alerted owners to neighbor’s home on fire

In Nashville, Tennessee, a rescued dog became a hero on July 4th when she alerted her owners to a neighbor’s home on fire after consumer fireworks.

According to a press release in Franklin, Roux, a … Read More

Old man fell into well while saving his cat and his dog rescued him

In Chennai, India, an 80-year-old man accidentally fell into a well when he slipped off his ladder trying to save one of his cats. And – bells and lights please – the man was saved … Read More

Soldiers partner with rescue org to bring stray dog home to U.S. from Syria

A group of American soldiers have partnered with a non-profit rescue organization to help raise funds to bring a stray puppy back to the United States from Syria. The puppy, rescued while on a war … Read More

Rescued dog from meat market brings ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges to tears

A  rescued dog from Thailand’s meat market has become a reality star after appearing earlier this week on “Britain’s Got Talent,” where the judges, including animal activist Simon Cowell, were brought to tears.

According to … Read More

Hero dog shot in neck still tried to protect his family

In Kershaw County, South Carolina, a family dog is being hailed as a hero. Even after he was shot in the neck by a robbery suspect on Saturday night, the dog continued to chase the … Read More

Stray dogs guarded elderly woman lying in the mud in Thailand

Along the banks of a river in Thailand, two dogs were spotted standing a few feet apart appearing to be guarding something. Ake Srisuwan posted the poignant photos on his Facebook page; the pictures quickly … Read More

Four-year-old Alabama girl missing for two days found safe with her dog

In eastern Alabama, a four-year-old girl missing for two days in the woods was found safe on Friday with her hound dog at her side.

According to the Trussville Tribune, Evelyn Vadie Sides was … Read More

K-9 Officer Hondo killed on duty buried in customized casket

Hondo, a K-9 officer with the Herriman City Police Department killed while on duty, will be buried in a special casket bearing his portrait. Rawtin Garage designed the custom casket, which featured a portrait of … Read More

Hero K-9 refused to let go of suspect’s arm in stolen vehicle

A San Diego County Sheriff’s K-9 officer named Bo became the hero of the day when he jumped into the driver’s side window of a stolen minivan and refused to release his grip on a … Read More