Clayton County K9 officer stabbed while apprehending alleged murderer

In Clayton County, Georgia, K9 Officer Odin was stabbed twice in the neck and jaw on Sunday while subduing a man alleged to have murdered his live-in girlfriend. Randy Young, 31, was arrested after police … Read More

Besties: Neglected mini horse befriended by golden retriever Molly

A neglected mini horse – no more than skin and bones, had been found wandering the streets in South Carolina. Darlene Kindle, founder of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance stepped up to help the ailing … Read More

Hero dog protects owner from rattlesnake while on Arizona hike

A hero dog, taking a hike with his owner in the Anthem desert on Friday, jumped out in front of a rattlesnake. The Golden retriever, named Todd was bitten in the face.  Paula Godwin told … Read More

Hero sheltie in dire need of surgery owner cannot afford

To those of us who are dog lovers, our pets are one of the most important things to us. When a pet is also a therapy dog to someone, that bond is stronger and even … Read More

US Army mistreated bomb-sniffing dogs – left in kennels for a year

These are the highly trained and ultimately loyal bomb-sniffing dogs in Afghanistan that saved how many of our soldiers lives? And in return for their service, the corps of bomb-sniffing dogs were mistreated when they … Read More

Florida high school shooting: Comfort dogs arrive to soothe the pain

The Lutheran Church Charities “K-9 Comfort Dogs” headed to the Parkridge Church in Coral Springs on Thursday evening for a community prayer vigil for all of the shooting victims at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. … Read More

Family dogs save elderly woman from freezing to death

In Norvell Township, Michigan, two Labradoodles have been credited with saving an elderly woman from freezing to death outdoors. Early Saturday morning, the dogs named Adam and Eva started acting very strangely – a behavior … Read More

Police K9 finds abandoned kittens, frozen on dark dirt road

Two kittens, abandoned and left to die in the cold, were discovered and saved thanks to the keen eye, ears and nose of a police K9 in rural Manitoba, Canada. According to CBC News, … Read More

Rescue dog hailed hero for saving woman from brazen attack

A Missouri woman is singing the praises for her rescue dog, who recently saved her from a man’s brazen attack at her Arnold home. The frightening situation unfolded late Tuesday morning, when a man forced … Read More

Brave dog comes to aid of woman being robbed in street by hooded thug

A woman’s best friend came to her aid in Podgorica, Montenegro on Friday when a hooded thug grabbed the woman while she had been walking down the street from behind with the intention of mugging … Read More