Comfort dog at South Florida condo collapse unable to walk after helping survivors cope with the disaster

A six-year-old basset hound-Labrador retriever mix named Teddy was one of several comfort dogs deployed to the scene of the Surfside Condominium collapse from Crisis Response Canines. On Tuesday, Teddy was on his way … Read More

Loyal dog waits for his deceased owner at coal mine that collapsed killing 7 miners

It’s been nearly three weeks since an explosion at a coal mine in Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico killed seven miners after a partial collapse. Gonzalo Cruz was one of the victims, and his loyal dog named … Read More

‘Hero’ Labrador retriever saved his teen owner from rattlesnake attack

In Harbison Canyon, California, a “hero” Labrador retriever named Marley saved his 18-year-old owner from a rattlesnake attack. Just two weeks ago, the seven-year-old dog pushed his owner out of the path of a direct … Read More

Hero Great Dane fought off venomous snake protecting her owner

In Oceanside, California, a Great Dane protected her family when she met up with a venomous snake about to attack her owner.

According to AbcNews10, the three-year-old Great Dane, Mia, had been in the … Read More

German shepherd who served as police K9 for six years about to be dumped at shelter

In a heartbreaking situation, an eight-year-old German shepherd named Sampson was about to be surrendered to an animal shelter in the south. And it’s not as if all loyal dogs dumped at shelters aren’t back … Read More

Former Marine reunited with his bomb sniffing dog eight years later

In Charleston, South Carolina, a face full of happy tears on former infantry Marine Chase Smoak flowed in an amazing reunion with the bomb sniffing dog that served by his side more than eight years … Read More

Hero dog saves fellow pup from drowning in family swimming pool

In the Boksburg City of South Africa, a black Staffordshire terrier saved her fellow canine pal from drowning in a backyard pool. Using surveillance video, the entire rescue drama played out for the owners of … Read More

Michael J. Fox mourns death of his rescue dog stating ‘he saved me’

Michael J. Fox’s 12-year-old Great Dane-Labrador retriever mix, Gus has died. Fox posted several photos of Gus on his Instagram account saying he would “miss” having his dog around.

Gus was frequently referred to as … Read More

Texas dog fights off knife wielding man in home invasion to save family

Need another reason besides the best friend any human could ever want? A Wylie, Texas family is crediting their eight-year-old dog Marley with saving them after a man wielding a knife entered their home in … Read More

Stray dog led motorcycle driver to abandoned baby in Philippines

An abandoned baby was rescued after a motorcycle driver stopped when a stray dog popped out along a deserted area near the municipality of Sibonga, Cebu in the Philippines.

According to the Facebook page of … Read More