Kent man devastated after dog died while saving his owner’s life from home fire

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Kevin Record, 43, is trying to deal with the untimely death of his beloved dog who died saving his owner’s life from a fire that destroyed the family’s home.

According to the Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Kevin, 43, was awakened by his five-year-old staffie dog, Shogun, in his home on Sheerness High Street as the dog jumped on his human’s bed after discovering his owner’s e-scooter had overheated. Kevin said he saw sparks flying from the scooter when his entire house quickly became engulfed in flames.

Record described the fire as combusting in seconds, and as he ran to safety, he still incurred burns on 20 percent of his body. He didn’t have time to get dressed, grab his shoes or his cellphone. He was devastated to learn that Shogun perished in the flames. Record’s sister, Gemma attributes her safety to Shogun’s heroic barking. Had it been another 10 seconds, no one would have survived.

I’m absolutely devastated by what’s happened, especially losing Shogun. He was everything to me and died saving my life. 

Kevin Record

According to the fire department, the e-scooter had been left on the charger overnight which caused the sparks and the subsequent fire.

Kevin remains at the Queen Victoria Hospital in West Sussex.

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Rest in peace Shogun. You are a hero.

(Photos: Kent Fire and Rescue Services)

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