Puppy detained by Vaughan Animal Services because it may have been part pit bull released to owner

In Toronto, the human family of an adorable puppy named Dwaeji were reunited on Monday after having had been held for several weeks by Vaughan Animal Services (VAS) under suspicion that he was part pit … Read More

Airlines no longer required to transport peacocks and horses as service animals

Airlines in the United States will no longer be required to accept emotional support animals after passengers in the past insisted on flying with their horses, pigs, turkeys and peacocks.

The United States Department of … Read More

Denver overturns 30 year pit bull ban

Voters in Denver overturned the 30-year-old pit bull ban earlier this week. The Ballot Measure 2J received more than 65 percent approval. An ordinance banning ownership of pit bulls passed in 1989 after a number … Read More

Ontario woman reunited with senior dog after authorities said he was a pit bull

In Toronto, an Ontario woman had to fight for the right to bring her senior dog home after he accidentally escaped from the family’s backyard this week and was brought to the local shelter because … Read More

Last of the Vicktory Dogs -Shadow died just shy of his 16th birthday

The last of the Vicktory Dogs – Shadow, died last week just shy of his 16th birthday. For the family who adopted him nearly ten years ago, the loss of this special dog has left … Read More

Denver mayor vetoes measure that would have ended pit bull ban

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed a measure that would have ended the long stranding ban on pit bulls. On Friday, Hancock stated he felt pit bulls allowed in the community would pose an increased risk … Read More

Denver City Council to end 30 year pit bull breed ban

For t he last 30 years it has been illegal to own a pit bull breed in the city of Denver. On Monday, the Denver City Council voted 7-4 to allow owners to register their … Read More

Survivor of Vick’s Bad Newz Kennel Vicktory Dog Mel has passed away

Vicktory Dog Mel passed away on Wednesday. The elderly Staffordshire terrier lived to 14-years-old, and his family from Best Friends Animal Society had the fortune to have known and loved him for the last 11 … Read More

One of last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s cruelty dies

One of the last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring of egregious cruelty has died. The American Staffordshire terrier named Lyla was 15 1/2 years old – a great age to achieve for … Read More

South Carolina law would require pit bull owners to register their dogs

In South Carolina, a bill was introduced last week which would require all pit bull owners to register and microchip their dogs  if they are not sterilized. Owners who did not comply with the neutering … Read More