Huge, annoyed swan chases Georgia golfer around 9th hole in hilarious video

A Georgia golfer felt the wrath of a huge, annoyed swan while trying to sink a putt in the ninth-hole this week. No sooner had the man sunk his putt, a huge swan appeared and … Read More

Pet chicken swooped up by bald eagle returned to home three days later

In Clomox Valley, Canada, a family’s pet chicken named Doris, returned home three days later after having been snatched up in the talons of a bald eagle looking for dinner. A loud commotion alerted Doris’ … Read More

Cruel men tie pigeon’s legs with cable to tree upside down as dogs try to catch it

In Birmingham, United Kingdom,  two cruel men were spotted tying a pigeon upside down by its legs to a tree branch and then encouraging their dogs to jump up and catch the panicky bird. The … Read More

Big-hearted NYPD officers rescue wild goose trapped near Central Park

Thanks to the New York Police Department Special Ops, a wild goose who had mistakenly waddled into a fenced area near W. 92nd Street building on Thursday night was able to be safely released.

In … Read More

Turkish man and rescued swan have been friends for 37 years

A retired postman who lives in Erirne, Turkey, rescued a female swan 37 years ago. And so the two have bonded throughout the years – the swan never left and follows the man around whenever … Read More

Pigeon Australia said was biosecurity risk has been spared from death

A pigeon discovered in a Melbourne garden suspected having flown more than 8,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean from Oregon in the United States will not be killed. Australia had declared the pigeon a biosecurity … Read More

Grieving swan refused to budge from train tracks after her mate was killed

At the entrance of a high-speed train tunnel between Kassel and Gottingen, Germany, a grieving swan refused to budge from the train tracks after her mate disappeared and assumed to have been killed.

According to … Read More

Thousands of songbirds dying in southwest US from starvation

In the southwestern United States, thousands of birds have been falling from the sky as a result of long term starvation, made worse by unusual cold spells likely linked to the climate crisis, scientists have … Read More

Woman who sparked outcry decapitating owl on social media shot dead

Six months after a woman sparked outcry by decapitating a barn owl in a social media video was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Colombia. Mileydis Aldana, 21, was assassinated by a motorcycle driver … Read More

Airlines no longer required to transport peacocks and horses as service animals

Airlines in the United States will no longer be required to accept emotional support animals after passengers in the past insisted on flying with their horses, pigs, turkeys and peacocks.

The United States Department of … Read More