Bald eagle buried in snow maintains protective vigil over her eggs

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A bald eagle, featured on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Eagle Cam, gives us another look into Mother Nature’s incredible wisdom. The eagle, who had laid her second egg of the season just prior to the snowstorm, found herself buried in snow up to her neck after Wednesday night’s heavy snow storm.

According to the EagleCam managed by Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources, which is currently livestreaming the nest 24/7, the pair of birds are being watched as they incubate their eggs. The eagles welcomed their first egg of the season on February 15, followed by another on February 18. The parents take turns keeping the eggs warm. The male also hunts for food and never strays far from the nest in case he is needed.

The night before, the eagles had apparently prepared for the storm:

Both of the eagles have delivered more nesting material in anticipation of the coming snow storm.

The snow will provide insulation for the eggs as they incubate. The eggs are now nestled further down in the soft fur, feathers, leaves and grasses tucked in around them.


Followers on DNR’s Facebook page have been very supportive of the eagles calling them “determined parents.” The eagle that had been covered in snow up to her neck sat there awhile and finally arose shaking herself off and letting her partner move in for the parenting task.

The eggs typically hatch between 34 and 39 days after they are laid.

Check it out:

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