Puppy detained by Vaughan Animal Services because it may have been part pit bull released to owner

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In Toronto, the human family of an adorable puppy named Dwaeji were reunited on Monday after having had been held for several weeks by Vaughan Animal Services (VAS) under suspicion that he was part pit bull.

According to CBCNews, in mid-October, the 12-week-old puppy had escaped from his yard through an open door and had been picked up by Animal Services. When the shelter called the family to inform them their puppy was at Vaughan Animal Services, the pup’s owner, Tommy Chang was initially relieved.

Sadly, that reassuring feeling his puppy was safe had been short-lived when the shelter told the family Dwaeji was part pit bull, and a DNA test would have to be performed to determine the dog’s fate. Dwaeji is an American bully and is not aggressive.

The family retained an attorney and subsequently supplied the VAS documentation from two veterinarians and the American Bully Kennel Club, stating the dog is not a pit bull. The shelter, however was still not convinced and insisted a DNA test be done to trace the dog’s lineage. And so it came to be. The puppy’s story went viral and public support for the dog’s return reached international status. Best of all – the DNA results finally arrived:

“Based on the work of this investigation, it has been determined that King-Kong Blu (Dwaeji) can be lawfully released and he has been reunited with his owners. This is a very happy ending. VAS took the appropriate steps under this provincial legislation, and we are pleased with the outcome.”

Statement from VAS

Needless to say, the family is overjoyed to be reunited with their loveable puppy even though he appeared to have lost ten pounds while being held in custody. Owning a pit bull is banned under Ontario’s Dog Owners Liability Act. A bill to repeal the ban has gone nowhere since being introduced in 2019.

(Photos screenshots via Tommy Chang)

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