Child bit senior dog: Startled pet bit back and now no longer wanted

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A five-year-old child bit a senior dog. Where were his parents? Sadly, the startled pet bit the child back, and now the dog is at Jefferson County Animal Control, Missouri because his family no longer wants him. The child’s injury has not been made public.

Listed as “rescue only” a volunteer at the shelter describes the dog’s sad plight.

“A 5-year-old child bit this old man and he was startled and bit back. I would of done the same. Now the family doesn’t want him. He is about 12 and already neutered. There has to be a family out there that will give this old man the love and respect he deserves for the rest of his life.”

Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For more information about this dog, contact the Jefferson County Animal Control at

(636) 797-5577
Opens at 9:00 AM
(Please note Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact for this dog.)

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  1. Per their website yesterday, the owners will be reclaiming him after he is off quarantine (required when dog bites a human). Hoping they don’t take him somewhere to be euthanized. So many shamed the family, rescuers think that’s the only reason they are reclaiming. Very sad situation.

  2. What is wrong with parenting of today? How about teaching a 5 year old how to act around a dog and how to treat it! There is no excuse for this and for them to dump the poor dog after all these years because of a “child’s” irresponsible actions is abhorrent!

  3. If your child is a “biter” in school, guess what? Your child gets expelled or, worse, forever labeled and stuck in “special education”, where he may or may not learn “the essentials” necessary to succeed in our modern world…….

  4. What a sorry family. The only good solution here is to console the dog, beat the crap out of the kid and teach him not to abuse animals. Make no mistake, unless the family deals with him now his abuse of animals will continue until he graduates to abusing people. This kid is obviously a no good piece of garbage.

  5. Unbelievable !!! Child actions far worse than the animals !!!!!! Not to mention the parents and kind of people to allow this child’s actions and then blame the poor sweet older dog..And then, get rid of him…just like that !!! Although it’s obvious they shouldn’t have him !!!
    I think people wanting animals ~ or kids, should be put thru some serious steps, investigation before.
    Obviously not everyone acts this way, but when you’re the child or animal treated very wrongly…it matters to them. Poor dear doggie…wish I could help, but on limited income and my buddy Loves people, not so much other animals. Please, Lord, find him a Loving and safe and peaceful Home…in his senior years?
    Just saw this …
    Does anyone have update, please ?


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