Authorities seeking information on dog found in deplorable condition

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Update: After the publication of this article, the animal shelter reported that this horribly neglected dog has passed away. Rest in peace.

Original story

Authorities from the Humane Society of Morrow County in Mt. Gilead, Ohio are asking the public for information about a dog brought in on Thursday in deplorable condition. The seven-year-old cocker spaniel was found near State Road 42 in Mt. Gilead.

The photos speak for themselves.

“It is our GUESS she experienced long term neglect and was subsequently dumped. What you see is a combination of feces, hair and urine. She is in very poor condition but stable. She will be entering a foster home this evening to begin the process of cleaning her up to see if we will be able to save her…”

The dog arrived after a Good Samaritan spotted her on the side of the road. When the dog arrived at the Humane Society, her temperature was 96 and barely recognizable as a dog. A  severe leg wound was so deep it revealed both the bone and the tendons. Two wounds on her mouth can not be explained. The dog also suffers from mastitis and is in critical condition. It is not known if she will survive.

For now the dog is safe in a foster home and the slow process of removing her matted coat has started. She has been named Moxie. She is currently fighting for her life at an emergency veterinarian hospital.

Funds are needed for medical care, grooming, towels, gloves and shampoo.

Donations can also be mailed to PO Box 298 Mt Gilead, OH 43338.…

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Humane Society of Morrow County: or call 419-947-5791.

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2 replies
  1. Whitney says:

    I hope for the same outcome, for the worthless pieces shit who did this and left her!! I wonder if it was a puppy mill breeder…..who made money and didnt need her anymore! The only dogs ive seen like that are from puppymills and The AMISH. There shouldnt be specific breed ban…..ONLY SPECIFIC OWNER BAN.

    F.e.- AMISH should NOT be allowed to breed/sale dogs. They are one of the worst owners and breeders and high numbers of horrible puppy mills.


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