Another 16-year-old senior abandoned by his owner at shelter

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Wags, a 16-year-old Shih Tzu mix reached old age – a feat every dog lover wishes for their own dog, but this little guy’s owner surrendered him at the Castaic Animal Care Center instead.

“Please share far and wide for a hospice type adoption or rescue… He weighs 19.40 lbs. This poor little guy is starting to lose his sight and hearing and has weak hind legs…”

Check out this senior’s video:

Wags needs a soft bed, soft food and lots of loving for whatever time he has to live.

“…And when the time comes to say goodbye, someone to pat him and tell him he was loved and mattered. He deserves that much.”

There have been offers of rescue, but until Wags is confirmed safely out of the shelter, please share his plight. Sharing saves lives, and this little guy deserves to be saved.

Reference A4432706 when making inquiries at Castaic Animals Care located at 31044 N. Charlie Canyon Road, Castaic, California.

Updates on this dog’s rescue to follow.

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