Update: Dimple, dog fight victim from St. Landry Parish improving

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On Tuesday afternoon, St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue in rural Louisiana, received a heartbreaking call. An abandoned dog, clearly having had been part of a dog fight, had been dumped. He hid beneath an old deserted home. It was a heartbreaking call as Animal Control officers knew the dog, soon to be named Dimple, was seriously injured.

“He hurts. It’s bad,” were the words describing the dog, no one had any intentions of giving up Dimple’s chances to survive.

The dog was rushed to the Bellevue Veterinarian Clinic where his injuries continue to be treated. Just 48 hours after Dimple was found quietly lying under the foundation of an old home and had given up on life because his wounds hurt so much, his future looks brighter.

“Dimple wants to thank everyone. He’s giving y’all a big smile,” shelter manager Stacey  posted on Facebook with the dog’s latest photo. And yes, he does appear to be smiling.

According to Dimple’s update, his infected wounds from a dog fight have left him with holes all over his face and neck area. He has no sight in his right eye that suffered severe damage, and the veterinarian staff is working hard to help him maintain his vision in his left eye.

” Dr Kevin is very positive he will recover. He will have some major scaring. And facial disfigurement…..BUT HE WILL HAVE A CHANCE at a real LIFE…,” Stacey emphasized.

Donations can be called in to his vet team at 337-942-7126 or PayPal to Stacey.alleman@stlandryparish.org . Through everyone’s generosity, Dimple is able to receive the care he so desperately needs.

Get well soon Dimple. You have a community behind you. St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue wants to remind everyone to spay and neuter their pets. Why buy a dog at a pet store or from a breeder when so many wonderful furry friends are just waiting to be adopted? The shelter is overcrowded. Volunteer, foster or adopt. You will feel great for helping and the dogs and cats will welcome the attention.

Report any suspicions of animal cruelty. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

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8 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Dogfighters should be treated like the bottom feeders they are – instead they are so poorly punished for their cruelty there is no reason for them not to continue as they know little to nothing will happen to them. And with the piss poor government in power in 2018 – it will only get worse. I hope Dimple recovers and gets the safe loving home he never had – these bastards who did this to Dimple should be hogtied and dumped in the Louisiana everglades – all they are good for is gator lunch.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Glad to see Dimple is improving and pray his recovery is very fast and he can be adopted into a loving,caring home. Reminds of Oogie the dog that was used as bait yet adopted by a loving family and a book even written about his journey. Amazing what a loving home can do for the dog as well as us.

  3. Marni says:

    Praying for complete healing and a great, loving forever home for Dimples and all those who are now suffering in dog fighting rings and the dog meat trade and every where else who are being abused or suffering.

  4. Carole Huens says:

    I wish for all the evil people that hurt any animal an early arrival in the special place in HELL that is reserved for them so they can get started with their unending torture and pain for all eternity.


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