Abandoned after he fought: St. Landry Parish calls out abusers

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On Tuesday afternoon, St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue in rural Louisiana, received a heartbreaking call. An abandoned dog, clearly having had been part of a dog fight, had been dumped. He hid beneath an old deserted home.

“And just like that. In comes that call,”  Stacey the shelter manager, posted on the organization’s Facebook page below  graphic photos of the latest victim of abuse and animal cruelty. “The call that breaks your heart. To hear my officer say …’he hurts…it’s bad.'”


The dog, dubbed Dimple, has been rushed to the Bellevue Veterinarian Clinic. Apparently Dimple’s owner never treated his dog’s wounds which are now badly infected. Veterinarian Dr. Kevin is caring for Dimple and will make a professional opinion as to his prognosis and his future.


“…That is to be the only opinion accepted. Today I am not going to accept, ‘he got away, or lost or stray,'” Stacey continued the heart wrenching account of Dimple’s condition and the excuses so commonly used by irresponsible and uncaring owners. “This poor soul suffered. He hurts. And someone is responsible. This Parish is done accepting excuses.”

Donate to this poor boy’s medical expenses by calling  Bellevue Vet clinic 337-942-7126
Or PayPal to Stacey.alleman@stlandryparish.org

Please note the shelter is full, and there is no place for the dogs to go.

“We offer comfort. Safe place. And we try to save them all. Yet there’s no room – none. Adoptions are extremely low. There’s no free spay neuter clinic. There’s no free adoptions. There’s no chance. Please spay and neuter.”

While sharing Dimple’s tragic story, please share the need for donations to St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. Think about adopting a new best friend. Without our help, these dogs have little hope.

Updates to follow.

(Photos via Facebook)

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19 replies
  1. vicki Hood says:

    Sweet innocent baby. Thank you for caring. The vet too. Hope there is prosecution of the sewer scum that put him in the fight ring. Please keep us posted.

  2. Darla says:

    All dog fighters need to be executed in the most horrific and slow painful way possible. I know I can come up with lots of ideas on how to do it also, and be happy to dish it out without an ounce of remorse. I’ve shared with Rescue Dogs Rock in hopes they may be able to help. Praying for you Dimple.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Oh my god! How can anyone allow this to happen to a dog? Such monsters and greed for money to force these animals to fight with some coming away unscathed for the most part, and a dog like Dimple. What pain this dog is in and I find it unbelieveable that the Governor of states that have an abundance of dog fighting don’t try to eradicate these criminal activities. Dog fighting in against the law, so why are so many dogs like this. It is obvious our politicians have no stomach to deal with this since it means they have to actually work and get something done. I curse every politician who allow dog fighting to continue in their state and sit back and do nothing. Money under the table for many local officials so why upset the apple cart?

  4. Melissa Gurley says:

    You need to find out who did this and make a example out of them I hope you find it in your hearts to find the room and help this poor dog

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Dogfighters are the lowest form of human life – the cruelty they inflict on innocent animals infuriates me – and yet, when caught little to nothing happens to them – their punishment is so ineffective they are basically allowed to walk out and continue their abuse. Those that participate and promote dogfighting need to be incarcerated for many years, starting at ten years. Dimple did not deserve to be treated like a disposable object – and I hope he is able to recover and get the safe loving home he obviously never had. Dogfighters should be treated as cruelly as they treated animals – they are nothing but bottom feeders.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    Why in the HELL aren’t the Law Enforcement Agencies ::; making in a Priority to GET FEDERAL ASSISTANCE in SHUTTING DOWN this Horrendous GANG INFESTED STATE”s Gaming with the LIVES of HELPLESS ANIMAL”S …. ???? YOU CAN ONLY TURN YOU BACKS SO LONG!!! This Brutality is Ruining YOUR STATE , YOUR YOUTH ENVOLVMENT , increasing DRUG TRADE and BRINGING in CRIMINAL RIFF_RAFF!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE ANIMALS being VICTIMIZED!!! Get it together…. this is total BULLSHIT!!! How many have to DIE in PAIN!!

  7. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The more people speak up when they see something, the better it will be. Say something immediately, don’t let it go on for weeks otherwise you’re just an accessory to the crime! Hope this baby gets better, don’t let him die like this!

  8. Red says:

    I wish there were some way to stop dog fighting….. why won’t people report these monsters? They have to KNOW, HEAR, SEE something – REPORT IT!!! This has to stop! These monsters want to see fighting? Get in a ring themselves and beat on each other….at least they have a choice, these poor, sweet animals don’t.

  9. Marni says:


  10. Marni says:

    How sick and disturbing. I pray for this dog to be healed and find an incredible home. I am praying for all the dog fighting rings to be brought down. Any thing is possible with God

  11. Diana Rowell says:

    Oh God, I HATE THIS WORLD! I HATE the evil that ALL those in charge of the rule of law are ALLOWING TO GROW UNCHECKED. ALL this WHILE sheriff’s deputies go on to PRIVATE property and SHOOT CHILDREN’S DOGS and NO ONE GIVES a SHIT! NO ONE! I DO wish someone would RELEASE several NUCLEAR BOMBS to extinguish the ENTIRE world. I can’t take this ANYMORE! Dear God, PLEASE INSPIRE SOMEONE TO SET OFF NUCLEAR BOMBS AND KILL ALL THIS EVIL.


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