Abandoned after he fought: St. Landry Parish calls out abusers

On Tuesday afternoon, St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue in rural Louisiana, received a heartbreaking call. An abandoned dog, clearly having had been part of a dog fight, had been dumped. He hid beneath an old deserted home.

“And just like that. In comes that call,”  Stacey the shelter manager, posted on the organization’s Facebook page below  graphic photos of the latest victim of abuse and animal cruelty. “The call that breaks your heart. To hear my officer say …’he hurts…it’s bad.'”


The dog, dubbed Dimple, has been rushed to the Bellevue Veterinarian Clinic. Apparently Dimple’s owner never treated his dog’s wounds which are now badly infected. Veterinarian Dr. Kevin is caring for Dimple and will make a professional opinion as to his prognosis and his future.


“…That is to be the only opinion accepted. Today I am not going to accept, ‘he got away, or lost or stray,'” Stacey continued the heart wrenching account of Dimple’s condition and the excuses so commonly used by irresponsible and uncaring owners. “This poor soul suffered. He hurts. And someone is responsible. This Parish is done accepting excuses.”

Donate to this poor boy’s medical expenses by calling  Bellevue Vet clinic 337-942-7126
Or PayPal to Stacey.alleman@stlandryparish.org

Please note the shelter is full, and there is no place for the dogs to go.

“We offer comfort. Safe place. And we try to save them all. Yet there’s no room – none. Adoptions are extremely low. There’s no free spay neuter clinic. There’s no free adoptions. There’s no chance. Please spay and neuter.”

While sharing Dimple’s tragic story, please share the need for donations to St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. Think about adopting a new best friend. Without our help, these dogs have little hope.

Updates to follow.

(Photos via Facebook)

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