Tears: Seven dogs in cardboard boxes hauled into dump at shelter

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In the Houston, Texas area, seven dogs crowded into cardboard boxes were hauled into an overcrowded shelter on Wednesday. A shelter rescue volunteer could barely manage to keep the tears from rolling down her cheeks.

As the owner waited for the seven dogs to be checked in -six adults and one puppy, the volunteer who had been at the shelter to pick up another dog, called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein for help.

“… called me immediately to see if we could help. As I was deciding as 7 additional dogs are a major undertaking for the rescue, our volunteer was stating the shelter staff were ready to scan and take them in,” Stacey said. “So knowing what will happen to them most likely and looking at these precious faces being hauled around in a cardboard box, we just could NOT turn our backs on them.”

And in a split second, Stacey agreed. All seven dogs are safe and receiving medical care. All but one of the dogs tested positive for heartworms which means the dogs all lived outside their entire lives. Each dog’s treatment will cost $600. In addition they will all need necessary vaccinations, spaying, neutering and whatever else shows up.

When they are all well, they will be made available for adoption.

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  1. Laura says:

    Poor sweet little babies; their faces all say, “Where are we? What’s going to become of us now?” So confused and scared. How terrible that they’ve had such sad lives only to be unloved even more and dumped at a kill shelter. So grateful to RDR for taking them in. I hope every one of those dogs has no bad reactions or long-term effects from the vaccines. They deserve only perfection and joy and safety.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said what I was going to say……
      Those poor little treasures….. RDR is wonderful for taking them (instead of leaving them to be euthanized)!!!

      Those who neglected and then abandoned them have reserved places in Hell where they will burn forever for their cruelty……..

      • Laura says:

        Yes Bunny, there’s always the hope that actual evil people will pay for their deliberate crimes against the innocent, in this life or the next, and it would seem to make perfect sense. I can’t see any other purpose for us all being here in this crazy world and only us humans having full moral knowledge and free will, to show what we’re really made of.

        I so wish I could take ALL 7 of those beautiful little dogs and give them Heaven.

  2. Sue says:

    It is bad enough that callous, uncaring people can just dump precious lives, but when impound facilities mindlessly (or in complicity, or through financially motivated mandates) inject known poisons into them, causing many future adopters to inherit a dog or cat that is seeded with cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and so much more, it seems rather hopeless. Especially when so many people would rather accept assurances, like “We are taking care of it, we have the magic bullet, we are the ultimate authority,” rather than dig in and investigate what is really going on.

    The Purdue Vaccination Studies And Auto-Antibodies – Dogs …

    VACCINATIONS, CANCER & AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, by Stephen … http://www.thedogplace.org/VACCINES/Vet-On-Vaccines_Blake-1011.asp
    “Vaccines are responsible for autoimmune, cancer, Type I-IV reactions, allergies, asthma, atopy anaphylaxis, eczema, organ failure, neurological, behavioral disease and death.”.
    Vaccine Induced Disease & Compromised Immune Systems

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      I have read your posts going on and on about vaccinations!!! Having been a nurse for over thirty years::: where the hell Lady do you think this Country would be with small pox, polio, tuberculosis, syphilis, and hundreds of other diseases, WITHOUT VACCINATIONS…Rabies, Kennel Cough, Lock Jaw!!! You are either backward, belong to some Wacko Religious Sect, or just off the GRID !! YOU are in the DARK ages

      • Laura says:

        It’s not just Sue, it’s a lot of people (including me and a number of doctors*) who distrust the vivisection-based medical/pharmaceutical/vaccine industry.

        *Did you know that at least 35% of conventional doctors themselves refuse the flu vaccine (and probably others too) despite the fact they’re regularly in close contact with sick people including those with flu?

        We had a sweet, beloved dog die before turning 4 yrs. from cancer caused by the several vaccines that were “required” before spaying. We’ve had anaphylactic reactions requiring emergency treatment after vaccines, and other problems (vaccine-associated sarcoma, etc.) with dogs who were otherwise perfectly healthy, until the vaccines. One dog we had came down with distemper after having her required shots including distemper vaccine.

        So, we’re legitimately worried about those seven precious, lovely little dogs and the possible effects they may suffer from those shots. Their little systems were probably quite NATURALLY healthy from their rugged, neglected existence in the past, and to suddenly have vaccines pumped into their bodies could take a huge toll on them. I certainly hope they are spared from the potential effects.

        It seems that scare tactics and anger are all you have on your side…no factual history that stands up under careful, OBJECTIVE scrutiny.
        As Oscar Wilde said: “If you cannot answer another’s arguments do not panic: You can always call them names.”

        “Wacko, religious nut, off the grid, Dark Ages fool, backward”? That’s not Sue in the slightest. Perhaps take a look in the mirror, after considering the legitimate points from the other side on this issue—if it’s even possible for a 30-yr nurse to consider the possibility that her training was questionable and that anyone else could be correct in opposition to her.

        I’ll refrain from calling you vile things, just will share these two links for anyone interested:

      • Sue says:

        The links I provided came from a veterinarian with roughly 50 years of experience, and a university study showing how vaccinations are causing auto-immune disease in dogs, not from any “wacko religious sect, or off the grid.”

        Instead of having a knee jerk reaction because of what you’ve been told (a result of Rockefeller’s petrochemical/pharmaceutical platform breaching medical schools), please try engaging in some civil discourse with these nurses and doctors, and find out what they’ve learned.

        Nurses Against ALL Vaccines – Home | Facebook

        This excerpt is from the article referenced below:

        “Most doctors blindly support the recommendations of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Doctors are trained in administering vaccines, not in how they are made. There are some doctors that choose to do the research themselves in order to develop an informed opinion on the subject. These doctors who become knowledgeable about vaccines usually become anti-vaccine. A little knowledge goes a long way.”

        Doctors Against Vaccines – Hear From Those Who Have Done …

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