Rescued doxy looked as if someone tried to stab, burn and skin him alive

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In Yadkin, North Carolina a local animal shelter reached out for help after a doxy mix arrived looking like someone had tried to stab, burn him and then skin him alive. In addition to the horrific injury on the dog’s back, he was covered in fleas and his infected skin had been peeling away.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help and were immediately able to transfer the dog to their partner emergency veterinarian hospital for life saving treatment.

“The biggest flap of skin had already fallen off, but you can see all the deep cut marks and even his head and ears are missing fur,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization posted on the group’s social media page accompanying the graphic photos. “The heinous wound on his back goes down to the muscle. When he arrived at the ER vet, they said was he was badly infected with puss coming from the burned skin.”

On Friday, the two-and-a-half-year-old, 11-pound doxy mix was sedated in order to debride and clean up his skin. Some of the wounds are so deep, the dog’s bones had been exposed. Rocket remains on intravenous fluids and antibiotics while his team of doctors decided on the best course of action for his extensive wound care. He continues to rest comfortably with the help of heavy pain medications.

“The suffering poor Rocket has endured is unconscionable and we just can’t understand who would do such a depraved act to an innocent dog. Rocket has wounds indicative of being stabbed and burned. This abuse was continuous and did not happen in one day, so the suffering was over a period of time,” Stacey posted on the dog’s latest update.


An animal cruelty case is under investigation.

Rocket will remain at the 24 hour Emergency Hospital receiving around the clock care.

(Photos of rescued doxy Rocket courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


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  1. Thank you RDR of NYC for helping Rocket. Who ever did that needs to have the same thing done to them over a period of time so they can feel the pain that this dog has gone through. Someone knows who this dog belongs to and hope they can arrest and jail the scum responsible. Get better Rocket, we are all supporting your fast recovery.

  2. The Bastard/ Bastards that TORTURED this little Dachshund Needs to be TARED and FEATHERED in Boiling Oil!!!! EVIL , EXHUDES from the VERY SOUL … Next victim will BE a Small Child and will continue to get worse like a serial killer … I hope there are Special Investigators called in to the YADKIN NC area as this will continue…to get Worse as the Need to Seek Gratification in such a Horrific Fashion Grows!!!


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