Woman fined for not spaying pregnant rescue dog

Woman fined for not spaying dog who was pregnant when adopted from shelter

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A woman was fined because she chose not to spay her pregnant dog, who had been adopted from an animal shelter in Killeen, Texas. According to KWTX, Cristina Chapa adopted the Chihuahua mix from the Killeen Animal Shelter and learned a short time later that the dog was far along in a pregnancy.

The adopter’s “crime”

Chapa was supposed to get her rescued dog spayed within 30 days of the adoption, but a veterinarian told her that spaying a dog that far along in the pregnancy was considered to be “high risk.” Chapa opted to allow her new dog to deliver her puppies, but it came with a price…the animal shelter wanted the pregnancy terminated or she would be fined.

Court and fines

Chapa was ordered to appear in court and informed that she could face up to $1000 in fines. She initially pleaded no contest at the recommendation of a court attendant – because of her no contest plea, she is being denied the right to a jury trial.

The rescued dog’s puppies

Chapa’s dog, Cha Cha, delivered six puppies. All of the puppies have new homes waiting and one will remain with Chapa’s family. The shelter has not commented on the situation.

woman fined for not spaying pregnant dog

(Images via screenshot KWTX News)

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21 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I’m glad she let the Mother have her babies instead of KILLING them!!!! I know we don’t need anymore babies but it is better than killing them all. They all have loving homes to go to also so the Shelter should be happy they are not getting any of them back.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I would plaster this shelter’s name all over the internet because they really don’t care about their dogs! Please everybody in the area DO NOT take your animals to this shelter! Maybe they will just close up then! Fight this “crime” and there are tons of people with you!

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    That’s bull it’s not right to kill unborn babies they should of known she was pregnant before adopting her out. If it’s anyone’s fault it is theirs.this woman did the right thing by allowing this dog give birth.

  4. Susan says:

    Sorry, I agree with the shelter. I frequent this site often enough to see how greedy breeders and the stupidity or laziness of far too many pet parents leads to abuse and neglect when undesired puppies are born. It’s not an easy decision but abortion of unborn dogs and cats is more humane than bringing more into a country that values their lives so little. It makes no difference that these dogs were adopted when there are so many already born who are simultaneously euthanized-

    • Stephanie Valletti says:

      Once the dog was adopted out, it was up to the adopter to make the appropriate decision. She had the dog evaluated by a vet, who said it was “risky.” The adopter then made the correct decision for the safety of mamma dog and puppies. She then did the responsible thing and found homes for all the puppies- she didn’t bring them to the shelter. Bravo to her.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    If the shelter wanted the dog spayed and the puppies killed then they should have done it before they adopted the dog out! Let them be the killers. As far as I see it this woman has taken responsibility for the dog and her puppies, and they should just let the situation drop!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        And neither do you know where they are going or how they will be taken care of, but I bet they will most likely have a better chance with this woman than obviously had they been aborted by this shelter. So you would advocate spaying a female pregnant dog who the vet says it would be risky to spay and kill innocent puppies. I guess I see what kind of an animal lover YOU are.

  6. Denise Moore says:

    The shelter is so wrong, if she was barely pregnant like a day or two but then to allow her to be adopted then demand the lady abort the puppies. WTF kind of world are we creating when we fine a person in this situation. We murder so many animals daily in shelters and slaughter houses everyday where is the outrage? I hope an animal foundation will help Chapa defeat these charges the shelter must be desperate

      • Dino’s mom says:

        Read the article. It clearly states the woman did not know the dog was pregnant until after she adopted. The shelter likely did not know either. Although in wholeheartedly agree with spay/ neuter to control the unwanted pet population, this shelter of fining the woman for not committing abortion of those puppies. She I’d taking responsibility for the puppies and should be commended, not fined. Shame on that shelter. The woman called them several times when she discovered the dog was pregnant and they did nothing then.
        I suppose you are one of those liberals who thinks it’s ok to abort anyone and anything. Shame on you.

  7. pennysdachshunds says:

    GOOD GOD !!! TEXASS should Just BE DAMN GLAD this LADY is TAKING EXCELLENT care of the little CHI that she found responsible homes for the puppies and didn’t kill them… These SO CALLED SHELTERS and Board of Director’s , Advisory Staff, Management are OVER THE TOP!!! They Kill Just to KILL with the majority of animal’s that are placed there…

  8. Susan says:

    Shelters are not to blame for there being too many animals born and not enough people to adopt them. Yeah, you can give them away to anyone who walks in the door and say they were adopted but that’s setting animals up for abuse. i don’t know anything about the shelter in question but I applaud their efforts to take neutering seriously.

  9. Betty says:

    Susan but they sure like killing them in a heartbeat even the babies
    and as far where the pups went
    Do you think that shelters look into that much
    Trust me people can be perfect pet adopter but that can change in a second
    Rescuer are a difference story
    They do homework. Not shelters

  10. Tari says:

    It sounds like the shelter needs to update their policies for pregnant dogs and stop pushing those willing to adopt into corners when new adopting parents have documentation from qualified doctors contradicting their desires. The shelter set themselves up to be sued. Maybe the new owner should sue the Shelter for this trick bag they put her in.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Very good point, I’m sure the woman didn’t go looking to adopt a pregnant dog but when the situation became such she took responsibility and the Shelter needs to just drop it. These “experienced” shelter personal should have known the dog was pregnant, shouldn’t they?


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