Police dog died after handler left him in car for over 6 hours

Police K9 died after being left in car for hours
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Two days after being pulled from the interior of a hot vehicle, a police dog in South Carolina died from heat related issues. According to multiple sources, the 22-month-old Labrador retriever, named Turbo, was left in the car by his handler, Master Police Officer David Hurt.

The deadly situation

On a late July day when the outside temperature hit 94 degrees, Turbo was left by Columbia Police Department Officer Hurt in a patrol car. As reported by The State, Hurt parked his patrol car in the shade and partially lowered the windows, but deactivated sensors and alarms which would have created an alert if the car interior got too hot. The dog was left in the car from the morning hours, until 3:30 in the afternoon.

By the time that Hurt returned to Turbo, the dog was showing signs of heat stroke, including being unsteady on his feet and foaming at the mouth. Turbo was rushed to a veterinarian for help, but died in the following days from organ damage caused by the excessive heat.

The officer’s explanation

Officer Hurt was not able to provide a logical explanation for his failure to check on the dog, or for deactivating the heat sensing alarms. The officer will not be facing any criminal charges, but he was suspended without pay for five days. He has also been removed from any K9 handling activities and temporarily suspended from the bomb squad.

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  1. “The officer will not be facing any criminal charges”
    BULLSH*T: This is felony level animal abuse! He DELIBERATELY disable the alarm, and FAILED to “protect and serve” his fellow-officer!
    Anyone else would be facing charges!

  2. I want to know why there will be no criminal charges, do the police deserve less than the rest of us had we done such a thing? There is NEVER an excuse for leaving a dog in a hot car and when they have heat alarms available and this happens then it is CRIMINAL! This POS officer Hurt deserves more of a punishment that what he is receiving, a police K-9 died under his care and he needs to be prosecuted for it! Rest in peace Turbo, I’m so sorry your got the handler from HELL!

  3. That’s a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! He needs to be fired. He gave no reasoning for doing what he done and now that innocent puppy died because of his negligence. He needs to be fired and charged.

  4. That officer is too stupid to continue in his job. He needs to be held accountable to criminal charges. Shame on him. Lots of civilians are charged for lesser crimes against animals that do not result in death and they did not have criminal intent either. Damn liberal society. Nobody takes responsibility anymore for their own actions.

  5. People are rightfully alarmed, horrified and angry about this. RIP Turbo, we’re so sorry you died so awfully while your keeper was off for 6 hours doing God only knows what.

    I can only wonder when people will be so alarmed, horrified and angry about what is done to the majority of these dogs in their ongoing training, and about how they’re kept during their non-working time, and how they’re sent into dangerous situations even armed cops don’t dare enter, with just their teeth as defense against knives, guns, multiple attackers. But first people have to look into all that and acknowledge it, which unfortunately hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t seem likely. They’d rather act happy and proud of the police and call the dogs heroes and only get sad/angry when a criminal attacks them or when a cop is caught in public like this.

    The brutal training is done away from prying eyes, and the public’s blinders are firmly affixed as far as what the dogs’ “friends” do to them in private. I sure hope to be proved wrong, real soon.

  6. What kind of police officers is this person? Not much of one. How in the hell could he turn off the sensor and leave that poor dog in that car to die. It seems as if he really didn’t give a damn. He needs to be put in jail. He is no better than anyone else, as far as I believe. 5 days without pay is a joke. Fire his ass. Or, wait a minute, he might arrest someone and forget their in the car and they might die. Lol. Really, this is not a laughing matter, fire his useless piece of rotten flesh. I hope and pray someone gets his ass and give him What he deserves.

  7. And ONCE AGAIN…an animal pays for the stupidity of a idiotic, stupid, ignorant uncaring human. IF THE COURTS and judges do not start handing out severe penalties….this will not stop. Issued MINIMUM fines of $10,000 and 5-10 years in jail….. that will make these idiots start thinking OR having nothing to do with animals.


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