Russian blue kitty weighing 25 pounds found his ‘purrfect’ home

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Bruno is a Russian blue cat who happens to eat more than he should. The popular breed usually weighs around ten pounds, but this adorable fluff ball  at the Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Illinois and knows how to beg for treats.  This boy can stand on his hind legs.

According to the rescue’s Facebook page, Bruno arrived at the shelter in April, and the polydactyl kitty (more toes than usual) could sniff out food like a champ. As cats go, Bruno seemed to have been extra finicky; most likely adding to the problem of finding the “purrfect home. For instance, Bruno won’t eat unless he’s being petted, doesn’t tolerate his water bowl next to his food bowl and don’t even think of touching his rotund belly. Applications flooded in from all over the United States and then some from overseas including Australia.

On Monday, however Bruno found his new home with Lauren Paris, a Chicago based singer and actress. Aside from the usual close scrutiny of her home, intentions and love for cats, Lauren topped the kitty adoption chart with a song she composed. Out of the hundreds of applicants, Lauren’s love for Bruno already shines.

Of course, Bruno the Russian blue will be missed, but tune into his own Instagram.

Many more happy adoptions for all the cats who need homes. Adopt a new best friend and fall in love like Lauren and Bruno.

Check out his video:

After hundreds of applicants, we were so excited to make this phone call to Bruno's adopter!Bruno is going to have the BEST life. He's going home tomorrow at our Business After Hours event!

Posted by Wright Way Rescue on Monday, August 20, 2018

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  1. Sue says:

    My parents had a cat who weighed 22 pounds, and he wasn’t at all overweight – just a very tall and long cat. What kind was he? We don’t know; he walked in off the street and adopted them. He was all white, with turquoise blue eyes. And he was not deaf (everyone always asked about that).


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