Cook County deputies discover starving dog while searching for murder suspect

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In Cook County, Georgia, deputies discovered a severely malnourished and starving dog on Wednesday while assisting the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in connection with the arrest of 21-year-old murder and robbery suspect, Caleb Day.


According to the Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County Facebook page, the dog was found lying flat on the ground because he had no fat or muscle tone. Michelle Williams tells the dog’s  story (now named Finney) beginning here:

“I received a call from Cook County Georgia Sherriff’s Office seeking for help for a very emaciated dog they found while serving a warrant at a residence in Adel, GA. What I found upon arriving will forever haunt me. I have never witnessed any living thing in that horrible of a condition before. Thankfully The Humane Society of Valdosta-Lowndes County Pet Adoption Program stepped right up for him and we were off to Valdosta Animal Hospital.

Finney has a long road ahead of him. But he is fighting. As long as he fights, we fight!!!!!”

When Finney was first discovered, he was nothing more than skin over bones. He had been lying flat to the ground because he had no muscle tone and was too weak to move and had been deprived of food for an extended period of time. This condition obviously didn’t happen overnight.

“Finney has no body fat. No muscle tone. He was not able to receive IV fluids the first night because his veins kept collapsing. He has a long road ahead of him.”

The dog’s owner, Ashley Hernandez, 31, has been charged with one count of cruelty to animals and one count of practicing veterinary care without a license.

If you wish to help Finney, please click donate on the page or follow the PayPal link to The Humane Society Of Valdosta Lowndes County:

Finney now has his own Facebook page to follow his progress. Check out Justice for Finney and hope his recovery is successful.

“The Sheriff’s Office will continue to do everything in our power to protect those in our community who are most vulnerable, including animals, from abuse,” stated Sheriff Hanks with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

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6 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Deprive this scum of an owner food and water and let’s see how much weight she looses, but keep it going until she dies. Sorry,but that is what she wanted to happen to this poor dog. Hopefully the weight will return with the wonderful care he will now receive. Finney, we are rooting for your speedy recovery.

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    So sad this poor dog people please share so they can get more donations for this poor dog. I pray this beautiful dog gets better soon thank you for what you do sharing and donating now prayers for this poor dog from N.H.

  3. Shirley Moore says:

    Update: Finney crossed over the Rainbow Bridge he lost his battle to survive but his legacy will live on. The owner of Finney has more charges since Finney has passed so lets get justice for Finney & many other dogs too????????????????

  4. tamara beinlich says:

    All the woman got was 5 years probation and Finney paid the ultimate cost of his life for her cruelty. Nothing ever changes here we are in 2022 and the abusers are still walking away with a slap on the wrist.


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