Poor dog abandoned and left to die stuffed in sports bag

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In Hilsea, United Kingdom, a poor dog was abandoned on Wednesday in a parking lot, stuffed in a sports bag and left to die in the freezing cold temperatures.

According to TheNews, the male Staffordshire terrier was discovered by a Good Samaritan in the morning who comforted the frightened dog. The senior pup had been wrapped  in a blanket and then stuffed into an Adidas sports bag. The RSPCA rushed the dog to their emergency veterinarian hospital, however the dog died before he arrived.

“This poor dog has been discarded rubbish and simply left to suffer when he was in desperate need of help,” stated RSPCA Officer Charlotte Coggins. “It’s heartbreaking to think of him alone and frightened having been left to die in a bag in this freezing weather.”

Inspector Coggins said the dog had been a victim of neglect and suffered from fleas, overgrown nails, muscle atrophy and a small growth on his leg. He was not microchipped. The humane organization is asking the public for help identifying the person responsible for abandoning this dog. Anyone with information is asked to contact 0300 123 8018. Help this poor dog find some justice – even in his death.

(Dog left to die in sports bag RSPCA)

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    • I completely agree with Jan Barnes! I just cannot understand how these people can do such horrible things to wonderful animals who only want love, affection and to be cared for. Not much to ask for. Treated the right way, you’ve got yourself a true companion for life❤️?


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