Media and social backlash as cop shoots injured kangaroo 7 times

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A South Australian Police officer has received media and social backlash after he shot an injured kangaroo seven times to put the animal down.

According to AbcNet Au News, the police officer was called to the Stuart High School on Wednesday by the school staff and a wildlife rescue crew found the kangaroo with a severely broken front right leg. A viral video shows the police officer shoot the kangaroo repeated times as a crowd of people watched.

” A number of attempts were made by the officer to destroy the kangaroo but each situation is different with some animals more resilient than others – even to bullets fired at close range,” a spokesperson for the Whyalla Police stated.

The video can be seen on the Gangster Wannabe Facebook page asking readers for their opinions. The 90-second graphic video has brought outrage to many who watched, while others have sided with the police officer understanding the situation. Many thought the officer was just trying to scare the kangaroo away until they realized he was shooting at the helpless animal.

The RSPCA has guidelines which recommends an animal in need of being put down because of severe injuries, likely not to recover, should be shot one time at the animal’s head.

A police investigation has been ordered.

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