Missy just 8-months-old lived under a vacant house in agonizing pain, but now…

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Just eight-months-old, Missy lived under a vacant house in excruciating pain for an unknown length of time. Other puppies had slept and hid in the same crawlspace, and it had become a pitiful and sad home for abandoned dogs with no hope and nowhere else to go. When finally on Friday, Missy was captured by animal control in the rural Georgia area, her condition was so serious, the shelter would have had no other option than humane euthanasia. It was at the very moment Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had been called to help.


Missy’s legs were swollen and injured to almost twice their size. Her severe case of mange had destroyed her coat, and the stench of the bacterial infection pyoderma with its lesions and pustules made it nearly impossible for Missy to lie down and sleep comfortably.

Video #1

It is obvious to see Missy was in severe pain, but what could not be seen was the puppy’s intense fear. Once arriving at the emergency veterinarian hospital, Missy had to be sedated just to calm her.

“The above video was taken on her arrival. She has started treatment for her horrible mange, pyoderma and infection,” wrote Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder, Jackie O’Sullivan. “She is still terrified, so they are letting her settle in a bit and feel more comfortable before attempting more photos to share… Missy has a long road back.”

To help Missy, go to Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org.

Updates to follow.

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Rock on, Rescue Dogs Rock! Perfume your usual miracles!
    Hope the sick F … morons responsible pay DEARLY!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    RDR of NYC to the rescue again and Missy will be given the best care possible by this group of dedicated rescuers. Thank God for people like this.


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