Man faces felony cruelty for dog dying in parked car

Ohio man faces felony animal cruelty after dog died of heat stroke

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It has happened yet again – another dog has died from heat stroke after being left unattended in a car. This particular incident happened in Niles, Ohio, and a man is facing felony animal cruelty charges as a result.

The man behind the cruel deed

According to the Niles Police Department, 37-year-old Johnnie B. Murray, Jr. is facing the felony cruelty charge for leaving his dog to die inside of the parked car. In a Facebook post, the police department recounted what happened:

On Friday, June 29, Officers responded to a report of a dog being left outside without, water or shelter from the sun/heat. Upon arriving, officers found the dog had already passed away. Tests by a local veterinary hospital confirmed the dog passed away from heat stroke.

Dogs and parked cars don’t mix

Every summer, warnings are issued to pet owners to leave their companions at home, but each year, there is report after report of dogs dying inside of parked cars. The interior temperature of a vehicle climbs incredibly fast, and cracked windows do little to nothing to keep a dog comfortable or safe. If you see a pet trapped inside of a car, call the authorities for help. Be sure to visit nearby businesses to see if the owner of the vehicle can be found. In many states, it is okay to break out a window to free a dog who is in distress – learn the law for your particular state.

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    People will only understand if this is done to a human. Let this man be the first example to die like this. Cretin has no feelings so death wouldn’t matter to him.

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    Well I live 10 minutes from Niles and this dog was tied outside in the blazing,brutal sun with no water or any way to get out of the direct sun. Yet the story in this post says this poor dog was left in a car and then continues to state the dog was left out in the sun without water!!! It can’t be both! The true facts in this case is that this poor was tied out in the direct brutally hot sun with no water or any way to get out of the sun by his POS owner!! What really pisses me off is the neighbor who called law enforcement waited over 4 hrs until he saw this poor dog in a dazed delirium!!! I heard the 911 call on our local news and the caller told the 911 operator that the dog had been out for AT LEAST 4 HOURS and it was now acting delirious and he needed someone to respond immediately! WHY??? WHY DID THE NEIGHBOR DO NOTHING?? WHY DID HE WAIT SO LONG TO CALL FOR HELP?? Law enforcement responded quickly but the dog had already died,so they took the dog and had a necropsy done and it confirmed the dog died from a heat stroke. A warrant was issued and this dog killer turned himself in,he has a $50,000 bond and is to appear in court July 11th and when all is said and done will he get a slap on the wrist, despite our Goddards Law which enables the judge to impose a harsh punishment? I am glad the neighbor did finally make that call tho,so this dog killer couldn’t just dispose of the dog and no one would of known anything about this cruelty!! I also think Niles has a tethering law which prohibits tethering a dog out in extreme weather for longer that an hour,so this dog killer should also be charged with breaking that ordinance too. I intend on contacting our local dog advocates about this because he needs the anti tethering charge added! I’m guessing the neighbor is full of guilt for not acting sooner and he should be riddled with guilt over this preventable cruelty,how I wish he would of made that call HOURS sooner than he did!! I’m PRAYING the judge will impose the MAXIUMN for a change….the law is there we just need the judges to start bringing down the hammer in these horrendous,cruel cases!! I want to see this cruel dog killer punished….severely punished!!! I AM SICK OF OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM CONDONING,PROTECTING AND ENABLING ANIMAL ABUSERS!! ????????RIP SWEET FUR BABY????????

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another human waste of space – Johnnie B (stands for BRAINDEAD) Murray needs a dose of his own medicine. Tie his vile self to a stake, no food, no water, no shelter and walk away – to die of heatstroke would be a huge favor to humanity – anyone with one ounce of compassion and conscience would know that a dog could die in a heartbeat if left outside in hot conditions. I hope there is a judge in Niles, Ohio who has a backbone and will give this hunk of human trash exactly what he deserves – NO MERCY!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    Johnnie B was probably going about His way Expounding about all the neglect of HIS Rights and the Moral Dignity He is deprived of in ” This Hell Hole of America” to STOP and EVEN CONSIDER the POOR Neglected & TORTURED ANIMAL HE HAD LEFT IN HIS VERY OWN CAR!!! This dog suffered one of the most HORRIFIC DEATH”S possible DUE TO THIS STUPID SOB!!! He needs to go to Jail and be subjected to THE RATH OF HIS CELLMATES!!!


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