Houston we have a problem: Suffering stray dogs and few stop to help

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Everything is bigger in Houston, but Houston we have a problem. On the exciting sides are professional sports programs, cultural opportunities and dining pleasures, but nonetheless there are many problems affecting man’s best friends; suffering stray dogs wandering around the city and few stopping to help.

On Thursday, animal advocate Laura Jean posted the collage of dogs found  and rescued within a two mile radius of a dog whose photo and story quickly went viral this week. Gus, a stray dog, whose head had swollen to at least twice its normal size, wandered through the neighborhood scavenging for food and relief from his pain. A shoelace had been tied tightly around his neck; he had been shot with pellets at least 25 times.

“All these dogs were found and rescued within 2 miles where I found Gus,” Laura Jean wrote. “All found over 3 years just by ME. In a TWO MILE RADIUS. This collage doesn’t include the ones I have seen dead, who got hit by cars – including a puppy with a collar just yesterday.”

“We don’t have a dog problem, we have a people problem,” Laura Jean explained.

Stray dogs wander the streets in 100 degree temperatures weaving in and out of traffic, begging for food and even approaching citizens practically begging to be helped. Hundreds of cars passed by as Laura Jean tried to help, yet not one person stopped. Some of the dogs rescued were found at gas stations, walking up to individuals, but no one even turned around.

In Houston, stray dogs are a problem. Drive through SunnySide, Fifth Ward or the Third Ward. Many people don’t even want to drive in these neighborhoods – imagine how a lost, abandoned or injured dog must feel? They shake in fright, hide in vacant basements and look like skin stretched over their skeletons, yet humans ignore them and leave them to suffer.

“Seeing a loose dog on the street in NOT normal,” states Laura Jean. Waiting 3-4 days for animal control to pick up a dead dog is NOT normal. Animal control coming out ONLY for bite cases in NOT normal. 100+cats/dogs on a shelter euthanasia list of ONE day is NOT normal. 300-400 animals at ONE shelter is NOT normal… “

And the list goes on.

“A puppy dead in the street is NOT normal. A public shelter refusing intake and asking rescuers/good Samaritans to leave suffering strays on the streets in NOT normal. Chaining a dog up to a tree is NOT normal. Picking up a stray and finding out it’s been shot with a bullet or even pellets is NOT normal.”

Just yesterday, Laura Jean had been out to rescue ONE dog at a local grocery store in SunnySide, and within 30 minutes spotted seven more strays in dire need of help. Tragically there are so few solutions for these pets – not nearly enough low cost or free spay and neuter services, few fosters available and shelters refusing to take strays. And so these innocent victims of irresponsible and neglectful humans suffer the consequences.

Houston – we have a problem. Rescued Gus was one of the lucky dogs, but there are many still out waiting for their day.

Check out Gus’ updated video here:

Gus Update (10)So here's the thing. Just like my story has opened the eyes of the nation on the crisis of the homeless dogs in Houston, my eyes have been opened too!My life has been no picnic and I've been scared for most of it, as far as I can remember. I really didn't know who was nice or who was going to hurt me. I grew up with this burning pain around my neck and when those guys shot at me, I thought I wanted to die. It hurt so much.But now, all of a sudden, everyone I meet is good to me. Everyone asks how I am doing. People touch me with kindness and love. I just knew that there had to be a better life but I had no idea it could be this good.As if it couldn't get any better, there is this awesomeness called Treat! TREAT! TREAT! TREAT! Gus wanna TREAT? Yes, please, I'll take a treat!So what else? Oh, my doctors are very happy with my progress. They feel that the laser and massage therapy are working like a charm. I know a big part of my progress is your love and prayers and I can't thank you all enough. You make me #gusstrong!* Gus is chewing an easy to digest dental chew and he is supervised while enjoying his treat.If you would like to donate to help other Houston street dogs like Gus, please go to houstonk911rescue.org/donate.#houstonk911rescue #toprotectandsave #thisishouston #thirdworldcity #gusstrong

Posted by Gus' Journey on Thursday, September 6, 2018

“I hope Gus’ Journey is a wake up call for our Mayor and city because it’s time for Houston officials to wake the hell up,” Laura Jean told Pet Rescue Report.

Laura Jean is part of Mush Mesh Animal Rescue,  however does much of her work independently. Donations for the rescue organization can be made here.

” If anyone would like to help Laura continue saving the forgotten street dogs

For anyone who is moved by what I do and would like to help me and all the dogs I rescue….

Most of the items are for trapping…. Always in need of Viennas the wysiwash is to sanitize from parvo/coccidia. Gotta stay safe, you know?

I don’t have the salary to be spending what I do on the items I need to rescue/trap dogs so if anyone would like to purchase an item, THANK YOU

And thanks Samantha for pushing me to make this list”

Make a difference in a dog or cat’s life. Get involved.

Read more on Gus’ story here.

Read the latest animal news at National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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7 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    Houston, Taxpayer monies for animals and their needs. WHERE IS IT? How about an audit? This is deplorable, the lack of attention for innocent beings has got to stop or maybe administration needs to stop (being in office) .The suffering is unbearable. These sentient beings deserve better than you have provided.

  2. Michele Conte says:

    Texas in general has a SHOCKING ignorance about spaying and neutering dogs at home. Several times a year the same people dump litters of puppies at kill shelters. Eventually, they end up dumping the female dog with her latest litter because they’re frustrated that she keeps having puppies! But they won’t spay or neuter because “we don’t believe in it”, or “I don’t want to take away his manhood”.
    I foster dogs from kill shelters in Houston for Rescued Pets Movement. We keep our fosters in our homes for 1 to 8 weeks, rebuilding their bodies and their spirits. Then we ship them to states that actually have a shortage of dogs. Our dogs and cats go mostly to Colorado, which has strict spay/neuter laws and apparently more educated, intelligent people! And the strays there don’t live through the harsh winters. My fosters have all been adopted to good homes within one week of arriving in Denver. Houston’s dogs are NOT the problem! It’s the ignorance of humans and the failure of local governments to require spaying and neutering by anyone who is not a certified, licensed breeder.

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Dearest Laura, I tried to access your wish list, but it was FULL! That is SO AMAZING!

    Please open another one so we can keep donating! Love and prayers!

  4. Melissa Gurley says:

    TEXAS the worst place for a homeless animal to be the most horrific stories of abuse and people not helping suffering dogs. Everytime you read a story about terrible abuse it’s from Texas doesn’t anyone have a heart there.

  5. Linda Vaccarello says:

    Yes Houston, you do have a huge people problem……a lot very lousy people in one city. Now I’m here in the Chicago
    area & I can say we have our bad people BUT we have tons of really really good ones that stand up to mean lousy people and grab these dogs & turn them in………..Houston, get with the program & grab these loose dogs and turn them in to rescue places or your nearest VET…..you will NOT get stuck to pay bills, just turn them in.

    But lets work on Gus & complete him……I gave money for him so I can talk.

  6. TW says:

    This is due to people being so fucking selfish and social media has helped promote this kind of “I don’t give a damn about anyone human or animal but my fucking self!”


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