Henrietta the 12-pound emaciated puppy left under pile of trash

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And in the pile of debris, the landlord was sure the whimpering sounds were from an animal, and called for help from the Baltimore City Animal Control. The starving puppy was found hidden under mounds of trash. There Henrietta quietly waited to die – just a bowl of water barely keeping her alive.
Henrietta was rushed to BARCS, and even though she didn’t have the strength to get on her feet, she knew she had been rescued;  as weak as she was her tail wagged. In her short life, Henrietta has already endured a great amount of abuse and neglect. She has been transferred to a partner  Franky Fund clinic ER, where she is currently fighting for her life.

The Franky Fund supports the medical bills of animals critically injured or victims of extreme abuse and neglect. Funding is desperately needed in order to give Henrietta a fighting chance.

“There is simply no reason or explanation to justify what happened to her. If ever a pet owner cannot care for their animal, BARCS and agencies like Animal Control are here to help,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.
Anyone with information on this case, Baltimore City Animal Control is asking you to please call the Animal Abuse Unit at 443-681-0101. Help Henrietta find justice. The main focus is on her care, but should she be looking for a home in the future. You can fill out an adoption application that we will keep on file. You can find it on the website at www.barcs.org/adopt.
More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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12 replies
  1. Red says:

    You know what tenants moved out!!! FIND THEM AND ARREST THEM or at least give them a massive fine!! People have got to be shown that pets are not just disposable….if you want one….get one realizing it is for their lifetime…not until you are bored or tired of them. If that is the case, you do not love animals and do not deserve one.

  2. LESLIE says:

    The poor sweet angel…hugs prayers and lots of love and gratitude to everyone getting to her and getting her thr fighting chance she deserves. Tails wags and milkbone kisses from Long Island!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Henrietta, Thoughts and prayers for a fast recovery are with you from many. You will be taken care of and have a new, better caring family to love you. So glad you were found. Get strong.

  4. Marni Montanez says:

    why is it that the good and kind animal owners are the ones who are die of cancer and whatever and these moron monsters live and are so cruel???????????????????????
    I’m praying for you sweet baby

    • Bev Woodburn says:

      That question is on my mind nearly every day when it comes to the precious and innocent animals.
      I’m also prayng for you sweet Henrietta baby. Live a long and happy life with a beloved and compassionate family.

      • Bev Woodburn says:

        You know who was rentng this house. So catch the monster and put the piece of filth to death.
        This animal torturing monster does not deserve to breath the air of our planet.
        Eradication from our plant is a must before this pos commits the same unimaginable cruelty against other defenceless and innocent sentient beings.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    Love and prayers, sweet Henrietta! Hope your owner is abandoned and dies of hunger and thirst in a pile of trash!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This landlord must know who these hunks of maggot shit are – to treat an innocent defenseless animal like trash only shows the low level of humanity these subhumans are – bottom of the barrel. I hope Henrietta recovers completely and gets the safe loving home she was previously denied. An encounter with an 18 wheeler for these scumbags who treated Henrietta so badly is in their very near future.


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