Pup down on her luck when her owner died and traded kennel cage for her home

Six-year-old Nessa has been down on her luck since early this month when her owner died, and she had to trade her comfortable home for a kennel cage at the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore.… Read More

Super hero needed to save Asher whose life is soon to be snuffed out

Asher could likely die today and has been added to the euthanasia list at the Houston, Texas BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions. On Thursday, the shelter agreed to extend his life for another day as … Read More

Baltimore shelter reunites dog with his loving human after months of emergency care

At the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, a very special shelter resident named Barak was reunited with his adoring human after four months of emergency boarding at the the shelter. It was an emotional … Read More

Sophie found lying lifeless in backyard of vacant house needs our help

On Monday morning, the Baltimore City Animal Control officers found Sophie; the dog had been lying lifeless in the backyard of a vacant house in the Penn North neighborhood. No one in the area had … Read More

Dog in Baltimore rescued from 30 feet deep garbage incinerator

In Baltimore, a front-end loader operator rescued a severely injured dog after the animal fell 30 feet into a garbage incinerator. Earlier in the week, the Baltimore City Animal Control responded to a call from … Read More

Animal abuser on loose: Dog in Baltimore stabbed 11 times all over body

In Baltimore, an animal abuser remains on the loose. On Friday morning, the Baltimore City Police received a call about a stray dog who was running around the area of the 1200 block of Gittings … Read More

Low on shelter space: Bonded senior brothers need miracle

Incredibly bonded Taz and Shadow need immediate help. BARCS Animal Shelter is low on shelter space and a miracle is needed to save the two seniors. In a heartbreaking situation, their elderly human owner had … Read More

Little Florie found with rubber bands around her muzzle

In Baltimore, a small dog dubbed Florie was found on Thursday night with rubber bands around her muzzle. She was brought to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) where animal control officers stated she … Read More

Claude’s ears mutilated and cut off undergoes emergency surgery

On Sunday evening, Baltimore City Animal Control received a call about two dogs tied to a tree with several puppies left at an empty lot. When officers responded, they discovered the puppies had been for … Read More

Henrietta the 12-pound emaciated puppy left under pile of trash

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