Dog thrown out in garbage bag pokes his head out as if to say ‘help me’

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Claudio wore a tattered collar which meant he once belonged to someone, but on Sunday, he had been thrown out in a garbage bag on the side of an abandoned road near McAllen, Texas. A Good Samaritan spotted the dog while driving; she stopped to help but was scared to touch him as she thought he might have already died.

“Hi. I live on Alvarez rd and there’s a puppy or old dog that was left thrown. I really don’t know what to do with it,” the woman’s Facebook post stated.

When that same Good Samaritan reached out to someone, a rescuer returned to the area where Claudio remained for hours – curled up and silently suffering. The woman picked him up and gently placed the dog in her car. Although he was severely injured and in critical condition, Claudio didn’t complain; he only wanted to live.

And when offered food, he ate.

Video #1:

“Every bone on his body is visible, no hair and covered in gashes and open wounds,” co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote on the organization’s Facebook page Sunday evening as Claudio was en route to the emergency veterinarian hospital.

“Still trying to wag his tail, how sad not to have lost all faith in human beings who caused this horrific act.”

Claudio is now safe and reported to  be receiving blood transfusions. As of Sunday night, the dog’s medical bill had exceeded $2,000. Help is needed.

Pet Dr 911 in McAllen Texas
‭(956) 683-7387‬
(Donations Can Be Called In Directly to the ER )

Updates to follow.

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  1. These are the times I really wished I had won the lottery because what I will donate now is no where near what they need, but every little bit helps. We know the types of scum who do this and I pray they are tortured their whole lives because of what they have done to this poor dog. RDR of NYC are amazing and so glad they are there for these animals. Worthy rescue, as are countless others.

  2. Poor, poor, poor Claudio!!! I say he’s still beautiful!! A beautiful dog who so wants 2 survive!! You will b in my prayers Claudio!! May U have a full recovery and find a good 4ever home!! Shame, shame on the person who threw u away like trash! Their time will come!! I will try an donate since I cannot adopt u!

  3. THIS IS totally BEYOND BELIEF!!!! CNN or FOX NEWS REALLY NEEDS to GO to this ” STATE OF SHAME”””” TEXAS(S)!!! The SCUM . AMORAL MONSTERS > CRIMIMNAL MINDED BASTARDS that occupy this State NEED to BE HELD accountable for the Pain, Suffering, Torture, that THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of DOMESTIC COMPANION Animals SUFFER on a daily Basis!!! The whole NATION needs! needs! needs! to SEE and be made AWARE of the corrupt judicial system, law enforcement agencies, shelters, rescues HAVE let these poor animals down… HONEST to GOD the there NEEDS to be a Plague there…. to purge the Whole damn State…

  4. Love, prayers and blessings for this little miracle sweetheart! Donations are very seriously needed so please help spread the word!


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