Homeowner discovers crate of abandoned small dogs left on front lawn

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In Orange County, California, an act of animal cruelty and neglect has residents in this quiet community outraged. Just two nights ago, a homeowner discovered a crate of four small dogs abandoned on her front lawn. The sprinklers had gone off during the night – the neglected and abused dogs had no escape. By the time they were found in the morning they were all soaked, shivering and frightened. The surveillance camera missed what happened.

“When the woman found the dogs, they looked up at her pleading for help,” stated Faith Easdale, founder of the non-profit DreamFetchers: Project Rescue organization. 

The dogs were rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital where their horrifying injuries are now being treated. The Yorkshire terrier had been hit in the face resulting in bruising along with a gash on his head. The Chihuahua, diagnosed as the most seriously injured, has an injured eye which will need to be removed. His body temperature remains dangerously low and shows signs of infection raging throughout his body. The third dog appears to be pregnant.

A fourth dog had been taken by a neighbor. It has been reported she is in good hands; the dog was taken to an emergency veterinarian, has been administered her vaccinations and is scheduled to be spayed next week.

“The hospital is full with our rescues so please share all the animals we save we have to take a stand and be their voice! Donations are needed.”

#Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue


Updates to follow.

(Photos of dogs abandoned in crate courtesy of Faith Easdale)

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    What Caring People & their Neighbor that had these LITTLE ONE”S dumped Like Trash on their lawn… Goes to show there are PERSON’s and a Rescue the California that does Care and they are all to be commended! I hope These distressed little dogs get good and loving homes…

  2. Adrienne says:

    Pleas save these pups and adopt or foster if you live in the area. That is all they want-love,affection food/water and a secure place to sleep.


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