Man jumps off bridge into water to save his dog

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In Mobile, Alabama, onlookers held their collective breaths on Sunday, as the owner of a dog jumped off the Bayway bridge to save his dog from drowning. Al Trovinger rescued his dog River because “there was nothing else we could do – she was either going to drown or someone was going to jump off and get her, so I jumped off.”

According to Fox News, Trovinger and his family had been stuck on the bridge after a serious accident stopped traffic. After a half-hour, he decided to take River for a walk and leashed him up, but at that exact moment the dog jumped over the bridge snapping her collar in half. And having no choice, Trovinger jumped in.

Good Samaritans threw in a dog’s life vest which helped the two stay afloat while they made it to a nearby boat ramp. Paramedics and state troopers met the two at the dock to make sure they were fine. Trovinger said he would do it again if needed to save his dog’s life.

(Photo screenshot via Fox News)

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  1. ACE says:

    Of course, who wouldn’t do this, although happy he did it, i find nothing remarkable in his action…our pets are family! But of course credit o him for doing so.

  2. Red says:

    That is what you do if you own a pet….. you are their source of support, compassion and security! Brave to this fine man!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    I give Mr. Trovinger a standing ovation – You proved your love for River by risking your own life in order to save his – A Giant Thank you to all the good people who stepped up and assisted in the rescue of River. You are all heroes.


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