Update: Shih Tzu dubbed ‘Lego’ just wants to dance and kiss

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In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, authorities are still trying to locate the owners of a neglected Shih Tzu found wandering the streets in Freemansburg, Pennsylvania last Tuesday. According to the rescue organization, Because of a Dog, it wasn’t long before shelter staff noticed the extremely matted and filthy pooch, dubbed Lego, was not able to defecate – no matter how hard she tried. Initially the staff thought the dog might have had a tumor or severe matting blocking her rectum.Lego on Monday 2

The Chief of Police at Freemansburg contacted Because of a Dog, founder Selena Anstead for help; together they tried to figure out what was going on with the tiny dog’s rectal area. When Selena saw a mat almost the size of her fist, the Chief authorized her to transport the dog to the vet.

“Well, in that matting they found a few legos.  Yes, legos….the little plastic building blocks,” Selena explained. ”Now an x-ray is needed. And ultrasound. This little girl had more legos in her rectum! They had to sedate her to do a short procedure to remove the legos. All together there were about 6-7 legos. This little girl can’t weigh more than 5 lbs! She is emaciated. Thankfully there is no prolapse. However, her rectum is extremely inflamed and sore. We have no idea how long she was like this, but this is not something that occurred over the course of a few days – not for how badly that was matted.”Lego the dog 3

After the procedure, the dog was transferred to Peaceable Kingdom in Whitehall where she is recuperating. Selena was glad to report that the veterinary expenses of $658 have been raised, and the funds will be paid to the vet for Lego’s emergency care procedures. Some advocates have been very critical that the little pup was named Lego; stating it was not appropriate…

“The shelter named her. It wasn’t meant to be cruel. With everything that they see on a daily basis they have to have an outlet – it’s a name, nothing more, nothing less,” Selena explained.

On a bright note, Lego is eating, drinking and going to the bathroom. As the rescue forwarded the latest photos of Lego to the Pet Rescue Report today, she had this to add:

“The shelter sent me new pics. It was hard for her to get Lego to sit still long enough as she wants to keep dancing and kissing! She will make a family very happy!”

Donations and information about adoptions can be sent to Peaceable Kingdom by clicking here.  This organization helps most of the medical strays from the Bethlehem area. They could use the help.

(Photos of Lego courtesy of Because of a Dog.)

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  1. why didnt they call the dog,
    ‘can forgive the horror’
    It suits her personality much better then lego,
    dont you think?

    And yes the shelter who would name a stray who was found with legos in her rectal cavity is mocking the survivor.
    Do not even try and tell me otherwise

  2. To go thru SO MUCH PAIN and DISCOMFORT and STILL being the kind , happy , grateful, loving little creature she is …. I HOPE the LUCKY IINDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY that adopts her will treat her LIKE A PRINCESS !

  3. I’m so glad she is ok! I hope the people who are responsible for this are one day found! I still say this was done by a child or children! These adorable dogs are often subjected to abuse in the form of not being groomed properly! The fur is allowed to mat and their skin suffers! And these are supposed to be people who love them!

  4. Happy for hers recovering ???????????? but I think she will have a diffrent name ???????????? reminds of her suffering !!!


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