Officer rescues dog from icy lake

Police officer plunges into ice-covered lake to rescue dog

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A police officer in Vancouver, Canada, went above and beyond the call of duty when he responded to a call about a dog struggling in an ice-covered lake, and went in to retrieve the pup himself. According to Saturday’s CTV News. Constable Peter Colenutt was alerted to the concerning situation at  Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park on Friday afternoon.

The dog had chased a ball onto the thin ice and fell through – he was unable to get back to shore on his own. Const. Colenutt did not wait for rescuers in wet suits or boats to arrive – instead, he shed a portion of his uniform and jumped into the frigid water, and then swam out to the dog.Screenshot (1115)

With the help of a rope, the heroic officer was able to pull the struggling dog back to shore. Aside from being cold, both the dog, and his rescuer, were unharmed. This wasn’t Const. Colenutt first water rescue – back in 2016, he and another officer saved a distressed swimmer who was 100 meters from shore.

Great work Const. Colenutt!

(Images/screenshots via CTV News)







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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    IF THIS COUNTRY WAS BLESSED to HAVE OFFICERS as DEDICATED , DEVOTED, and DESERVING as This DEVOTED CANINE BEFRIENDER there would be much less animal cruelty going on !!! I have always felt the Police have recently lost a lot of the COMPASSION and dedication to the animals in need, but it a new generation , over work, or just not having the interest the last generation had… May this turn around for the betterment of our animal population….

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Good for you officer! You have garnered some extra karma points! It has shown me that there are some people who will think about the animal before themselves!

  3. Kaye Hayes says:

    I am Canadian and I am proud of our police forces across our great nation. Good on you, Const. Colenutt. You courage is a wonderful example for our young people.

  4. Mandy says:

    That’s what a real officer should do an did do. Great job!!! That is a true hero…. and a very lucky pup. There’s know words to describe the breath taken act of kindness, courage and heart to jump into freezing water to save a life when your putting your own at risk to save another’s. We all love you Const. Colenutt.


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