Five-pound abandoned dog found with ‘legos’ stuffed in her rectum

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In the small community of Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, an animal cruelty atrocity is calling for the public’s help to bring justice to an abandoned five-pound Shih Tzu found wandering the streets on Tuesday afternoon stuffed with legos. According to the rescue organization, Because of a Dog, the Shih Tzu was picked up as a stray, and it wasn’t long before shelter staff noticed the extremely matted and dirty pooch was not able to defecate – no matter how hard she tried. Initially the staff thought the dog might have had a tumor or severe matting blocking her rectum.Lego the dog 2

When Because of a Dog, founder Selena Anstead, was asked to help, volunteers donned gloves and scissors, and as they gingerly helped the tiny dog out of her cage, the horrible smell was overwhelming.

“She was a total mess. Opened the crate; out she came and as the Chief, one of my volunteers, and I were ‘suited up’ in disposable gloves, we managed to get her distracted while I took a look at her rectal area. This did not appear to me to be a tumor, but a rather large ball of hair, fecal matter. Her rectum was not even visible. She was so dirty and icky that it was impossible to even tell if she was male or female. The pink dye in her hair at the top of her head gave us a clue that the dog was possibly female.”

When it could not be determined what was blocking the dog from having a bowel movement, and she kept trying and trying, volunteers placed her in a bathtub to soften up the matting. And what they discovered  was nothing short of disturbing:Lego the dog 3

“Well, in that matting they found a few legos.  Yes, legos….the little plastic building blocks,” Selena explained. ” Now an x-ray is needed. And ultrasound. This little girl had more legos in her rectum! They had to sedate her to do a short procedure to remove the legos. All together there were about 6-7 legos. This little girl can’t weigh more than 5 lbs! She is emaciated. Thankfully there is no prolapse. However, her rectum is extremely inflamed and sore. We have no idea how long she was like this, but this is not something that occurred over the course of a few days – not for how badly that was matted.”

Lego, as she has been dubbed, is now on a course of antibiotics, an ointment was applied, and she is currently being treated at Peaceable Kingdom.  The dog is currently reported to be snuggled upon soft comforters and resting. How the legos even got into her rectum is unknown; there were no teeth marks on them indicating they weren’t chewed and swallowed.

“What we do know however is because the chief called us and we all acted quickly, this little girl’s life was saved. Now we need you all … we must pay the $658 medical bill….During the whole ordeal, she never stopped wagging her tail and how she was even able to do that without crying is beyond words.”

Lego will be cared for and nurtured until she is healthy enough to be adopted. Anyone with information about the owner of this dog is asked to contact  the Freemansburg Police Department at 610-866-2221. Lego was found on the 400 block of Main Street in Freemansburg. She had no identification.

A YouCaring account to help with Lego’s veterinarian costs can be found here.

(Photos of abandoned dogs with legos courtesy of Because of a Dog and Freemansburg Police Department.

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44 replies
  1. Dorothy Faye Reynolds says:

    you will never find the coward that did this because if they were so proud of what they did they would not hide, if only I could do the same to them. GOD knows..!

  2. Barbara hartman says:

    This broke my heart…sicko need to be caught and punished..ban forever from owning or near animals. This is a purebreed…no one is claiming her. She’s so grateful for ur help and much needed pampering/love. Thank u

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    My guess is someone allowed their little darling children do this to the dog and then when they saw the dog was in trouble just threw her out to fend for herself. Poor little thing, I hope she will be all right and they find who she belonged to and get some justice for her.

    • linda says:

      I would think it would be very difficult for a child/children to maneuver square items (7 pieces of legos) up a small dogs rectum.

  4. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Poor Poor Little girl!!! What a suffering !! Glad she have be in safe now ???????????? hope the owner will be faund and punish !!!! Whish her Health and a careful Home ????????????Big Hugs from Swede❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Heike says:

    I am so glad there’s a Happy ending for this little.girl❤ I hope they are looking for her abuser she deserves justice for all the suffering she endured!

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    Well PEOPLE IT IS A SAFE BET that this LITTLE GIRL DIDN”T INSERT the legs INTO HER OWN RECTUM!! THE more I see about the horrific abuse, torture, cruel, maiming, burning, multilation , COMMITTED by the RESIDENTS of Pennsylvania to the animal population and the VERY FACT MOST of the SCUM BAG VILE MAGGOTS that commit these unbelievable acts WALK AWAY WITHOUT REMORSE or PUNISHMENT…. How can you HOLD your HEADS UP !!! Turn in the Bastard that did this !!!!

  7. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’aimerais avoir entre mes mains le résidu de capote qui a fait ça à se pauvre loulou, je lui montrerai se que c’est la vie. Espèce de creuvard.

  8. Kathleen Drude says:

    Somebody knows where this poor dog came from and he did this! Legos those are a child’s toy but not always used by children! I hope the piece of garbage who did this knows that sooner or later we will find out who you are! Then the real fun will begin! Sleep with one eye open scumbag!

  9. Beverly says:

    I hope someone comes forward and law enforcement finds out who did this horrible thing to that sweet little dog! There are some very twisted, evil people out there that shouldn’t be walking among us! Poor baby suffered so much, but now that’s behind her. I hope she gets adopted as soon as possible into a forever home with people who will fall in love with her and give her a happy, wonderful life.

  10. Trisha Ford says:

    Why in the name of Gahd would anyone name this poor Baba “Lego” after this???? She is an Adorable girl and has already been Horribly Hurt with Legos!! I would never want to continue to associate her with such a traumatic and horrendous experience.
    Thank God you all saved this poor little furry Angel.

  11. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    WTF????????? I can’t STAND this ANY MORE!!!! These people, or person, needs to be strung up by his cajones! Better yet, put him in jail and NEVER, EVER, EVER LET HIM OUT!!!! Prayers for you, sweet Lego. ????????

  12. Michelle says:

    I’m happy to let everyone know that Lego is now Layla. She came home to be part of an already three dog family on March 18th. She is a very energetic pup and loves to cuddle!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      Thank YOU for letting us KNOW how Layla is lucky to have found a SAFE, CARING , and Loving family… IT places a little bit of shining light on all the horrific POSTS on the site this day!!! Bless this family and their new little fur friend!!1

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Thank you for the update, too many times we never hear what happens to these precious pups. So glad she has found love, a new name and a wonderful family!

  13. Debbie says:

    This person or persons responsible needs to be found. Then they need to be beat until several ribs are broken, some teetha, and pull out some hair. Let them starve awhile then shove a box of legos right up theirs. Then make them eat till they puke and give them laxatives. I think abuse might curb a tad if these psychos had to pay for their crimes!!!! Sickening. Too many people out there know who does this but they stay silent. They are just the same as the psycho! Punish them if found out!!!! We have what maybe a handful of dedicated political people interested in making cruelty, torture, death, a more serious crime. Where are the rest of our officials???! Where are the rest of the DA’s who actively pursue charges against these monsters among us????!!!! The judges who see the crime as horrible as it gets and sets max sentencing. They should serve every day. Every single day!!!!! Hooray for the judge who gave the dog torturer killer 28 years in prison!!!! To all of them listening and feeing. What these innocent souls endure. For realizing the seriousness of this type of behaviour, the mindset of a human being who does this whether it is callous disregard or evil pleasure, it’s dangerous to let these scum live in society! Where are decent human beings when these things are happening. Looking the other way? Minding your own business?! Hey, you aren’t getting into this???! REALLY???? That is pathetic and so cowardly of you. For those who come along and pick up these poor angels who are suffering and clinging to life, always managing a grateful wag of the tail, Bless you. For those who help by paying for the care and recovery or for some a more peaceful end knowing someone cared, that they were such a good boy or such a great girl and were loved. They didn’t suffer or die alone. Thank you, other side of humanity. I hope you are blessed for eternity!!!. If you don’t care, shame on you!!! Find these demons who commit these crimes!!!!!


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