Landscaper accused of lewd act with a dog

Landscaper wanted for lewd act with a dog

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Police in Gwinnett County, Georgia, are searching for a 61-year-old landscaper who is accused of engaging in a “lewd act” with a dog. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the accused man, identified as Cruz Barreralugo, was allegedly caught assaulting a family’s dog in Lawrenceville on Saturday night.

Barreralugo fled the scene after the witness spotted him assaulting the family’s dog. The authorities were contacted and were able to review surveillance footage which showed the alleged incident.

The authorities are now searching for the accused man, who is facing charges for bestiality and cruelty to children (The cruelty to children charge resulted from a child who observed the alleged sexual act). Anyone with information about Barreralugo’s whereabouts is asked to reach out to Gwinnett County detectives at 770-513-5300 or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477 – there is a reward offered for tips which lead to the accused man’s arrest.

(Image via Fox 5 Atlanta)



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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    The sad fact is beastiality is on the rise. This is a horrific form of abuse to animals! The fact that human beings engage in this sick form of activity is one more reason to reinforce the fact that I hate human beings! Humans are doomed! The sick demented things that do this to animals to be castrated! I would gladly volunteer for this job!

  2. Sherry says:

    Well where do all these sickos come from?They just keep coming out of the wood work. Thank goodness for the ones of us on the opposite end of the spectrum, the people that work hard to protect animals and speak up for them. We just have to keep on trying to keep up the fight against the monsters that make this world an unsafe place.

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Cette ordure doit être sévèrement condamné pour sa perversion et la cruauté envers ce pauvre loulou ainsi que pour se que l’enfant a vu. Pas de pitié pour les monstres.

  4. michelle mitchell says:

    This old,fat,ugly, psycho dirty old male needs to have a vasectomy attended with nil anaesthetic administered. am ready,wuilling and able to unadertake the required prtocedure.May as well underatke surgical remonal of this POS penis and we will ensure this bastard eats this!! OH YES!!

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    What the HELL : IS the trend of MOLESTINGDOG”S ABOUT!!! THIS is BEYOND SICK!!! MY STATE of WYOMING is one of the 17 (I believe states that this is NOT::: I SAY NOT A CRIME) I tried to speak to two different legislators about this and GUESS WHAT they didn’t want to hear it!! WYOMING IS THE EQUALITY STATE FIRST STATE to GIVE WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE BUT TURN THEIR HEADS TO SEXUAL ABUSE TO ANIMAL”S .. GO FIGURE!!!


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